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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Percussion


​​We encourage all applicants, if at all possible, to audition in-person.  

  • Live audition dates are scheduled during the weekends in February. Review list of audition dates by instrument here.
  • ​Recorded video auditions are available by request and must be submitted by February 1 to your Blue Demon Domain (for undergraduates) or your application portal (for graduates/post-masters), in the “edit portfolio" section. To enable the recorded audition submission, contact ​​​

​Audition Repertoire

Graduate Auditions should feature one selection each on snare drum, timpani, 2 mallet marimba & 4 mallet marimba and include orchestral excerpts. All students are asked to bring three copies of their music with them to the audition.​​​

Snare Drum

- Concert Solo (comparable to Delecluse Douze Etudes, Keiskleiriana, etc.)

- Rudimental Solo (comparable to Wilcoxon All-American Drummer, Tompkins French-American Rudimental Solos, or Pratt 14 Modern Contest Solos)

- 3 Orchestral Excerpts​

- 2 AND 4 mallet Solos (Bach Violin Sonata, Partita, or Cello Suite is recommended for one of your selections)

- 4 drum timpani etude/solo from Vic Firth's Solo Timpanist, Richard Hochrainer's Etuden Fur Timpani (Book 2 or 3) or a comparable work
- 3 orchestral excerpts

- 3 orchestral excerpts

- 3 orchestral excerpts

- 2 orchestral excerpts

- 2 orchestral excerpts​

Recorded Interview Questions (only applicable to those who select a recorded submission to audition)

​Please upload a video that is no longer than 2-3 minutes and responds to the below questions:

  • ​What is your musical background? 
  • Why are you applying to DePaul?​​