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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Jazz Trombone

​​​​​​​Pre-Audition Screening Video Requirements - due by January 5.

Entire pre-screening video should be no more than 15 minutes in total. Performances with a “live” rhythm section are preferred, but play-along recordings are also acceptable. In either case, only the applicant should be featured (no solos by other instruments other than trombone).

  • The following scales, legato, two octaves: 
    • Ab major
    • C whole/half diminished
    • Eb diminished whole tone.
  • Four varied jazz selections in different styles (ballad, swing, straight-eighth note, etc) including the melody and improvisation choruses. 

Audition Requirements

We encourage all applicants, if at all possible, to audition in-person.  

  • Live audition dates are scheduled during the weekends in February. Review list of audition dates by instrument here.
  • ​​Recorded video auditions are available by request and must be submitted by February 1 to your Blue Demon Domain (for undergraduates) or your application portal (for graduates/post-masters), in the “edit portfolio" section. To enable the recorded audition submission, contact

​Audition Repertoire

​Prepare “Jazz Etude 65” from the book by J. J. Johnson entitled Exercises and Etudes for the Jazz Instrumentalist.​

  • Prepare one composition from each category listed below. Applicants may use a live rhythm section or play-along accompaniment. If using a live rhythm section, the applicant should be the only soloist. If desired, applicants may substitute comparable works in each category that demonstrate similar skill. 
    BLUES (medium tempo) - Play the melody and improvise 4 choruses. Suggested tunes: “Relaxin’ at Camarillo” (key of C), “Bloomdido” (key of Bb), “Straight, No Chaser” (key of F), “Freight Trane” (key of Ab), etc. 
    JAZZ STANDARD (up tempo) - Play the melody and improvise 2 choruses. Suggested tunes: Rhythm changes (“Moose the Mooche,” “Anthropology,” etc.), “I’ll Remember April,” “It's You or No One”, “Cherokee”, “Moment's Notice”, “Airegin”, etc. 
    BALLAD - Play the melody and improvise 1 chorus. Suggested tunes: “Body & Soul”, “Skylark”, “Lament”, “Darn That Dream”, “Chelsea Bridge”, etc.​

  • TRANSCRIPTION - play a self-made transcription along with the source recording. Transcription should be at least 64 bars in length (e.g. 2 choruses of a standard song form, or at least 3 choruses on a blues form). However, you are not limited to 32 bar forms or blues for your chosen transcription.​

  • SCALES – Prepare two octaves of the following scales ascending and descending: C Chromatic, Ab Dorian, Bb Lydian dominant, C Diminished 1/2 step first.  

Recorded Interview Questions (only applicable to those who select a recorded submission to audition)

​Please upload a video that is no longer than 2-3 minutes and responds to the below questions:

  • ​What is your musical background?
  • Why are you applying to DePaul?​​ ​​​​​​​​