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What Are My Options?

The School of Music offers programs for undergraduategraduateteacher licensure and post-master's students.

Undergraduate Students

DePaul School of Music offers undergraduate degree programs in performance, composition, jazz studies, music education, performing arts management and sound recording technology.  

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Academic Programs

Graduate Students

The School of Music offers graduate degree programs in performance, jazz studies, composition and music education. All Master of Music degree requirements are taken over a two-year period.

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Teacher Licensure Program

DePaul offers a program in which students can earn Illinois State K-12 music teacher licensure. Applicants need to have earned a bachelor's degree in music from an accredited institution, pass an audition on their major instrument, and interview with the music education department chair. The teacher licensure program consists of courses in music education, education, and liberal studies, which fulfill the Illinois state teacher licensure requirements. Although the length of the program may vary slightly, students generally can complete the program in four quarters, with an additional summer quarter if needed. FOR MORE INFORMATION

Post-Master's Certificate in Performance

This Certificate is a post-master's program for exceptional performers in selected vocal and instrumental areas. The School of Music offers certificate students the opportunity to learn and work in a rich musical environment while having private applied study ​with members of DePaul's renowned faculty. DePaul's post-master's certificate in performance is a two-year program.  FOR MORE INFORMATION