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The Business Office processes all requests and transactions pertaining to budget, contracts, purchasing, payroll, guest payments.

The College Office exists to provide support to faculty, current students and alumni regarding academic affairs. 

Performance Office
The Performance Office schedules and supports the over 300 concerts and events that occur each year at the School of Music.

Technology Office
The Technology Office is responsible for implementing and supporting technology in the School of Music and oversees the operation of the computer lab.

Career Services
Career Services at DePaul School of Music provides information and resources for School of Music students and alumni on various music and arts related job opportunities.

Gig Connection
By hiring our talented students and recent graduates, you'll receive a great value while helping support emerging young artists.

Recording Services
DePaul School of Music Sound Recording Technology Program provides audio recording services to our student for recitals and audition tapes, for a fee.