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Auditions: Undergraduate/Teacher Licensure

All undergraduate applicants to the School of Music, regardless of intended major, are required to audition. Although the auditions are competitive and extremely important, you'll find the setting relaxed and the audition itself an interesting and rewarding experience. Undergraduates will also be required to complete a short theory placement exam on the day of their audition.

Vocalists, violinists, and all jazz instrumentalists must submit a pre-audition screening video​ (under "Portfolio Submission"), by December 1. Each piece for the pre-screening should be recorded in a single take and uploaded as an individual track. Recordings of individual tracks edited together from multiple takes are not acceptable. All videos received after December 1 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times. Upon passing the pre-audition screening, you will receive notification by no later than December 20 inviting you to schedule your live audition. 

All other instrumentalists who are not required to submit a pre-screening will be able to schedule a live audition after submitting an application to DePaul.

All woodwind auditions should be performed on the principal instrument of each woodwind family: flute, oboe, Bb/A clarinet, bassoon, and alto saxophone.

All instrumental auditions are unaccompanied. Voice auditions are accompanied; DePaul will provide an accompanist unless the student notifies us they will bring their own. 

Instrumentalists playing saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, string bass, guitar, vibraphone or drum set may choose to perform a classical or jazz audition. Students who wish to have both classical and jazz private instruction should schedule both a classical and jazz audition. Please see your instrumental category for audition requirements.

Private jazz studio instruction and auditions are not available for the following instruments: Cello, Electric Bass, Euphonium, French Horn, Harp, Organ and Electronic Keyboards, Percussion (other than drum set and vibraphone), Tuba,  Viola, Violin, Voice (Vocal Jazz), or Woodwinds other than Saxophone.