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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Jazz Percussion


Applicants must submit the following videos using the online portal:

·      A performance of “Elvin Like”, from Thompson’s Jazz Solos for Drumset Volume 1

·      Play time in a 4/4 swing feel (half note = 96) for 40 seconds.

·      Trade fours (4/4 swing followed by solo, repeated, half note = 96) for 1 minute.

·      Play a Mambo, quarter note = 200 for 40 seconds.

·      Play an Afro Cuban 6/8, dotted quarter note = 120 for 40 seconds.

·      Perform a prepared drumset solo (comparable to Tony Williams’ “Seven Steps to Heaven” or Vernell Fournier’s “Cherokee”). The applicant is required to upload a copy of the transcribed solo to the audition for panel review.

·      Perform a solo rendition of Charlie Parker’s composition “Donna Lee” in the following manner:

    o   Play the rhythmic and pitch/melodic contour of melody on drums

    o   Play one chorus of time

    o   Play one chorus of a drum solo

    o   Conclude by playing the melody on the drumset

·      Play the following rudiments on the snare drum (continuous tempo for 10 seconds):

    o   Swiss Army Triplets (10 seconds starting with each hand)

    o   Double stroke roll

    o   Single Paradiddle

    o   Single Ratamacue

    o   Flam Paradiddle

·      Play 40 seconds of up-tempo swing with brushes at a quarter note = 320.

·      Play 40 seconds of a samba at a half note = 140.

·      Sight reading (large and small ensemble charts for advanced ensembles and chart interpretation) – sample will be provided in January.

·      Sample video recording of recent ensemble performance (optional)


A video upload is the only acceptable format. All recordings received after February 1 will only be viewed and considered based on projected applied jazz vibraphone studio space. 


Applicants must submit the following videos using the online portal: 

·      Medium Tempo (quarter note = 168)
“Little Niles” (three choruses of improvisation)

·      Medium Tempo (quarter note = 160)
“Speedball” (six choruses of improvisation)

·      Medium Up Tempo (quarter note = 216)
“Confirmation” or “Hot House” (two choruses of improvisation)

·      Ballad tempo
“If You Could See Me Now” or “Chelsea Bridge” (Melody and improvisation for two choruses)

·      Sample video recording of recent ensemble performance (optional)

Using play-along accompaniment or in solo performance, applicants must perform the melody, play a chorus of accompaniment, and then play the number of choruses of improvisation for each selection as noted above, concluding with the melody. You must also demonstrate use of dampening and pedaling techniques on melodies and improvised choruses. If possible and warranted, four-mallet accompaniment with chord inversions should be demonstrated during your chorus of comping.

NOTE: If interested in formally studying drumset, the jazz vibraphone applicant must also prepare and submit the above jazz drumset audition requirements.