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​Fall 2022 Applicants:

Applicants have a choice between two audition formats: in person auditions or recorded submissions.  All applicants (except SRT non-performance and PAM Bachelor of Science) must perform an audition, regardless of format, in order to be considered.

  • Live audition dates are scheduled during the weekends in February. You can use the links below to sign up.
  • Recorded video auditions must be submitted by February 1 to your Blue Demon Domain (for undergraduates) or your application portal (for graduates/post-master's), in the “edit portfolio" section. To enable the recorded audition submission, email Giovanna Jacques​ by January 25. If you have already scheduled an in person audition and would like to be switched to recorded, please also email Giovanna. 

​​​Audition requirements vary slightly depending upon the degree an applicant is seeking. Please see your specific instrument's requirements

Schedule Your Audition in Chicago


Fall 2022 applicants: we will no longer be holding regional auditions due to the recent COVID developments. 


Fall 2022 Applicants: We will not be holding international regional auditions this year to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 


On-campus auditions will take place on weekends throughout February. 

Sound Recording Technology
Applicants pursuing the performance track in Sound Recording Technology, please refer to your specific instrument's audition requirements.
Applicants pursuing a non-performance track in Sound Recording Technology must submit a video audition performing one selection that demonstrate their facility and musical understanding. In addition, SRT non-performance track applicants must follow the requirements listed here​

Performing Arts Management
Applicants pursuing the performance track (BM) in Performing Arts Management, please refer to your specific instrument's audition requirements.
Admission to the non-performance track (BS) in Performing Arts Management does not require an audition, but is contingent upon an interview with the program faculty, submission of a writing sample and a satisfactory completion of a music theory diagnostic test.