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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Jazz Guitar

​​​​​​Pre-Audition Screening Video Requirements - due by January 5.

All jazz applicants are required to submit a pre-audition screening video through our upload page by January 5. Pre-screenings must be in video format. All videos received after January 5 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times. 

Prepare the jazz standard “Hot House" by Tadd Dameron (with an audible metronome set at quarter note=160) using the following arrangement:

  • 1 chorus each of melody and chordal accompaniment
  • 2 choruses of improvised soloing
  • Introduction and coda are optional
  • The form and changes in the underlying harmony should be apparent in the unaccompanied improvised choruses (as well as in the chordal “accompaniment") 

Audition Requirements

We encourage all applicants, if at all possible, to audition in-person.  

  • Live audition dates are scheduled during the weekends in February. Review list of audition dates by instrument here.
  • ​Recorded video auditions are available by request and must be submitted by February 1 to your Blue Demon Domain (for undergraduates) or your application portal (for graduates/post-masters), in the “edit portfolio" section. To enable the recorded audition submission, contact ​​​​

Audition Repertoire

  • ​​The melody and chords for “One Finger Snap" by Herbie Hancock and “Little Niles" by Randy Weston
  • A third selection from the standard jazz repertoire may also be chosen by the faculty as an improvisational vehicle
  • An additional selection will be sight-read

Improvise on these selections in a manner that acknowledges the underlying changes in harmonic context.


Recorded Interview Questions (only applicable to those who select a recorded submission to audition)

​Please upload a video that is no longer than 2-3 minutes and responds to the below questions:

  • ​​What is your musical background?
  • Why are you applying to DePaul?​​ ​​