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Why DePaul?

​​​Our Mission​​​

​​The DePaul School of Music is an inclusive and compassionate community of musicians and educators dedicated to artistry, excellence, diversity, and leadership in music. Guided by the university values of social justice, we prepare students for dynamic 21st-century careers.​

Our Programs

The success of DePaul School of Music graduates is a testament to the quality of their education. Our undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs prepare young musicians for success in the real world. Recent graduates are performing with numerous international orchestras and ensembles, teaching in universities and school districts, and working in performing arts management and engineering sound for the film, television,​ and recording industries.

​Our Faculty

The School of Music has a faculty of over 110 professionals dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise. They are not only experienced and admired educators but are some of the world's finest and most respected conductors, composers, performers, and recording artists, including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera of Chicago, and Chicago's most prominent chamber music and jazz ensembles.

Our Ensembles

As a core component of all programs, our ensembles emphasize a high level of discipline and professionalism and enable students to perform both on and off campus. From a string quartet and a jazz combo to the DePaul Symphony Orchestra and the DePaul Jazz Workshop, DePaul's ensembles present students with the ability to make great music with their classmates.

Our Campus

The School of Music is located on DePaul's beautiful Lincoln Park campus, in one of Chicago's most desirable neighborhoods. Within a seven mile radius of the School of Music are located more than 200 professional music and theater companies. Frequent projects take our students into the city's professional recording studios and concert halls, while many other students freelance in a wide range of professional settings. Location provides advantages, which in turn provide opportunities.

Our University

DePaul University is committed to providing a quality education through personal attention to students from a wide range of backgrounds. DePaul is the only one of the nation's 10 largest private universities where the faculty priority is on teaching. The DePaul University School of Music provides a student/faculty ratio of 9:1 with the attention and supervision essential for musical growth.