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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Jazz Trumpet

​​​​​​Pre-Audition Screening Video Requirements - due by January 5​.

1. Prepare Charlier No. 2 (Du Style) From Transcendental Studies

2. Prepare one composition from each category listed below. Applicants may use a live rhythm section or play-along accompaniment. If using a live rhythm section, the applicant should be the only soloist. If desired, applicants may substitute comparable works in each category that demonstrate similar skill.

BLUES - Play the melody and improvise 4 choruses. Suggested tunes: “Byrdlike,” (Key of F)  “Blues For Alice” (key of F), “Sandu” (key of Eb), “Cheryl” (key of C), etc.

JAZZ STANDARD (up tempo) - Play the melody and improvise 3 choruses. Suggested tunes: Rhythm changes (“Moose the Mooche,” “Anthropology,” etc.), “I’ll Remember April,” “Moment's Notice”, “Cherokee”, “Stablemates”, “Airegin”, etc.

• ​BALLAD - Play the melody and improvise 1 chorus. Suggested tunes: “Stardust”, “Darn That Dream”, “Chelsea Bridge”, etc.

3. TRANSCRIPTION - play a self-made transcription along with the source recording. Transcription should be at least 64 bars in length (e.g. 2 choruses of a standard song form, or at least 3 choruses on a blues form). However, you are not limited to 32 bar forms or blues for your chosen transcription.

4. SCALES – Prepare two octaves of the following (Bb transposed) scales ascending and descending: C Chromatic, Ab Dorian, Bb Lydian dominant, G Melodic Minor 

Live Audition Repertoire

​​We encourage all applicants, if at all possible, to audition in-person.  

  • Live audition dates are scheduled during the weekends in February. Review list of audition dates by instrument here.
  • ​Recorded video auditions are available by request and must be submitted by February 1 to your Blue Demon Domain (for undergraduates) or your application portal (for graduates/post-masters), in the “edit portfolio" section. To enable the recorded audition submission, contact ​​

Audition Repertoire 

Applicants should be prepared to play one tune from each category:

All keys and scales are listed in Concert Pitch

1. Bebop Tunes
(choose one from the following list)
Confirmation, Donna Lee, Half Nelson, Joy Spring, Milestones (old)
2. Ballad
(choose one from the following list)
Body And Soul, Infant Eyes, Darn That Dream, Never Let Me Go, Stardust

3. Standard Tune
(choose one from the following list)
It Could Happen To You, Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, I'll Be Seeing You, Conception, Pannonica 


4. Scales (Starting notes are Bb transposed)

2-octave ascending and descending, 8th notes @ 1/4 note = mm 130

Ab melodic minor (ascending mode only)

A Lydian

Bb Phrygian

B Dominant Diminished

C chromatic

5. Applicant's choice of an additional selection
This could be an original composition, or a standard such as: Joy Spring, Evidence, Groovin' High, Confirmation, Stella By Starlight, How Deep Is the Ocean, Byrdlike, Cheryl

6. Lead trumpet (optional)
If you are interested in a focus of lead trumpet playing, please include:
- Three contrasting excerpts from the big band repertoire
- Ascending chromatic scale to your highest comfortable top of your range, with a fermata on that note 

Recorded Interview Questions (only applicable to those who select a recorded submission to audition)

​Please upload a video that is no longer than 2-3 minutes and responds to the below questions:

  • ​What is your musical background?
  • Why are you applying to DePaul?​​​