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Auditions: Graduate/Certificate - Jazz Bass

All jazz applicants are required to submit a pre-audition screening video through our Acceptd page by December 1. Pre-screenings must be in video format. All videos received after December 1 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times. Upon passing the pre-screening, you will receive notification by no later than December 20 inviting you to schedule your live audition. ​

​Pre-Screening Requirements

  • ​Play the melody, walk three choruses, and solo on "Moment's Notice," unaccompanied at 200 beats per minute

Live Audition Requirements

Be prepared to play the melody, walk, and solo on two of the five compositions listed below, from memory, unaccompanied. The faculty will choose which two songs. Please be prepared to play all five selections.
  • ​Moment's Notice - E-flat
  • Central Park West - B
  • Lady Bird - C
  • Anthropology 9 - B-flat
  • Whisper Not - C minor

Sight Reading: An excerpt from a big band chart, a small group chart, or bass transcription.

Self Made Transcription:  Transcriptions to be played with recording that you will bring in CD form: Two choruses walking and two choruses soloing of Paul Chambers, Ray Brown,or Ron Carter.​