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The Gig Connection

​Hire a DePaul musician for your next event!

Whether you're in need of music for a wedding ceremony, a corporate function, a private party, church service, theater production or any other special event, the DePaul University School of Music can help connect you with some of Chicago's finest young musicians.

Before filling out a performer request form, be sure to review our Frequently Asked Questions below, as well as the list of possible instrument combinations.

String Quartet in the DePaul Art Museum
String Quartet in the DePaul Art Museum

School of Music Students

DePaul School of Music students looking to join Gig Connection should fill out our​ application.

Student Application

Request Notice Requirements

Due to the rotating nature of our student ensembles, we ask that requests for Student Musicians are made between 4 months and 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Ready to get started?

Follow these simple steps to submit your request.

1. Fill out our musician request form.
2. Your request will be reviewed by the Gig Manager, who will then notify appropriate DePaul musicians.
3. The Gig Manager will give your preferred contact information to the available DePaul musicians.
4. DePaul musicians will contact you to discuss and negotiate terms of agreement for the gig approximately seven to ten business days after making your request.

Still have questions? Please contact Amy Weatherford:​

Frequently Asked Questions

All DePaul musicians have passed rigorous entrance auditions in order to join our programs. The Gig Connection service hosts our upper classmen undergraduates (juniors and seniors), graduate level students (master and certificate degree candidates) and alumni (up to five years after graduation). Each ensemble and soloist is recommended by one of our top-tier faculty members and approved by the Gig Manager.

The recommended hourly rate for the Gig Connection platform is $100 per musician. However, DePaul musician(s) may set their own pay rates and negotiate with the client on all aspects of the gig. We strongly believe this process is an important aspect of career training.

For a typical, one-hour gig for a trio or quartet, you can expect to pay $100-$125 per hour, per musician. This rate is also dependent on other variables, such as event location, amount of performance time, and specific repertoire selections/arrangements.

Our musicians maintain the right to decline a gig if an offer amount is believed to be inappropriate. 

Due to the rotating nature of our student ensembles, we cannot accept requests more than four months prior to your event. 
And while we will do our best to fill all requests, those submitted less than one month in advance limit the number of potential DePaul musicians available.
Requests submitted two weeks or less before the event are unlikely to be filled.

Because the DePaul School of Music provides a conservatory-style music education, The Gig Connection focuses on genres studied within the institution - mainly jazz/Black American Music and classical music. If you have a request outside of those genres, please select “Other” on the request form, write the style you are looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. All non-classical and non-jazz requests will be posted at the discretion of the Gig Manager.

Of course! Our musicians can help suggest the perfect selections for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, or whatever your event may be.

Because giving back to DePaul and surrounding communities fulfills an important aspect of the University’s Vincentian mission, DePaul School of Music supports our students if they choose to volunteer their time and talent for charitable causes. While the primary goal of the Gig Connection is to connect students with professional, compensated opportunities, those students interested in volunteer work will be notified of such opportunities per the discretion of the Gig Manager.

Yes! Gig Connection hosts students and alumni from the Sound Recording Technology program within the School of Music. These students have been extensively trained in sound reinforcement. Rates per hour will be discussed directly with our rostered specialists, and are determined by the length of the event and specific technical requirements. The DePaul University School of Music does not provide audio or video equipment for events.

When submitting your musician request form, indicate your need for an audio specialist in the "Any Additional Information We Should Know?" section.

Check the lists below to see the solo instrumentalists and pre-formed ensembles available for hire.

String Duo

2 violins; violin, cello; violin, viola

String Trio

Violin, viola, cello

String Quartet

2 violins, viola, cello

Woodwind Trio

Flute, oboe, bassoon
Flute, clarinet, bassoon
Oboe, clarinet, bassoon

Mixed String/Woodwind Trio
Flute, Violin, Cello

Woodwind Quintet

Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn

Brass Trio
French horn

Trombone Quartet

3 tenor trombones, bass trombone

Brass Quintet

2 trumpets
French horn

Vocal Ensemble (number of singers vary, please inquire for details) 

In jazz vernacular, ‘horn’ refers to woodwinds (primarily saxophone, and occasionally flute or clarinet), trumpet and trombone. Not sure which horn to pick? Feel free to ask us for help.

Jazz Trios
Piano, bass, drums
Guitar, bass, drums
1 horn, bass, drums
piano, guitar, bass

Jazz Quartets
1 horn, piano, bass, drums
1 horn, guitar, bass, drums
2 horns, bass, drums
2 horns, guitar, bass
2 horns, piano, bass​

Jazz Quintets
2 horns, guitar, bass, drums
2 horns, piano, bass, drums​



French Horn











In jazz vernacular, ‘horn’ refers to woodwinds (primarily saxophone, and occasionally flute or clarinet), trumpet and trombone. Not sure which horn to pick? Feel free to ask us for help.


Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)


Rhythm Section
​Sound Recording Technology students and alumni are available to provide sound reinforcement services for events. Audio and video equipment is not provided by the DePaul School of Music.