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Saxophone students at DePaul are exposed to a wide range of opportunities and experiences. Students attend weekly studio classes where they are exposed to new techniques, repertoire and master teachers. All saxophonists learn the fundamentals of proper playing techniques and may participate in saxophone ensembles, jazz combos, large jazz ensembles, Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony and more. The diverse offerings enable each student to choose and hone the craft or focus of their choice in a supportive, engaging and challenging environment.


Jeremy Ruthrauff
Jeremy Ruthrauff

The Classical Saxophone Studio

 Students in the DePaul concert saxophone studio benefit from the advantage of an urban campus nested amidst the bustling artistic cultural activity in the Chicago metropolitan area. This gives students an opportunity to develop an understanding of how their work can interact with the greater culture and not be limited to the academic setting. Many students become part of Chicago’s performing community while studying at DePaul through off-campus performances. These experiences foster real-world skill and connections which carry on to students’ professional lives.

Students must become well grounded through the study of the traditional repertoire. They also are encouraged to develop dynamic programming that pulls from new works which explore cross-pollination from music other than the classical genre, extended playing techniques etc. The emphasis is to create programming that speaks to audiences in a meaningful ways.

Saxophone students are required to perform one solo work each quarter in a master class or performance setting. Open feedback is provided by faculty members and students.

Repertoire from Recent Student Performances

  • Lauba - Balafon
  • Two Elegies Framing a Shout-Turnage
  • Buku-Jacob TV
  • Lilith - Bolcom
  • San Antonio - Harbison
  • Distance - Takemitsu
  • Sonata - Denisov
  • Distances Within Me - Lennon
  • Sonata - Albright
  • In Transit - Zupko
  • Concerto - Dahl
  • Concerto - Husa
  • Wings - Tower

Alumni Accomplishments

Students from the DePaul saxophone studio have achieved very successful careers as top performers, educators, composers and recording engineers throughout the United States. The strong educational environment at DePaul allows saxophone students to excel in any area of music's diverse and unique opportunities.