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Students in the DePaul bassoon studio have the unique opportunity to learn from three pre-eminent bassoonists working in tandem. Each of us has had training from some of the top bassoon educators in the United States, including  Arthur Weisberg, Norman Herzberg, Ben Kamins, George Sakakeeny, Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Daniel Matsukawa, and Dr. Eric Stomberg​, and we share this collected knowledge and experience with every student. In addition to a weekly studio class, we often have reed classes, mock auditions and additional lessons. Private lesson assignments are flexible and are determined in conjunction with the professors.

Bassoon Faculty
We teach a unified, Herzberg-style reed-making method. We have a wide range of high-quality cane processing equipment (gouger, shapers, profilers and tip profiler), which can save students as much money as possible in reed-making.
In Chicago you have access to world class orchestras and arts organizations every day. The world-class faculty of the DePaul School of Music offer an invaluable wealth of resources to enrich your education.
Here at DePaul we are excited to provide a new and unique program in bassoon performance. Our various backgrounds and resources offer students an unparalleled opportunity to develop their ideal individual music careers. Contact us via email for more information and to set up your visit today.
We look forward to seeing you soon,
Professors Buchman, Buncke and Maner 


William Buchman
William Buchman
Keith Buncke
Keith Buncke