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Jazz Guitar

The Jazz Guitar studio is a forum for the development of a wide range of skills, from some that might be considered basic to others that are quite advanced. This encompassment applies equally to ear training, sight reading, phrasing, technique, theory, improvisation, rhythm and gear manipulation. Attention will be focused on both skills for general instrumental competency in a wide variety of contexts and also those elements that contribute to a developing artist's personal voice.


Private Lessons

One lesson per week will be given each quarter. The first priorities will focus on the development of skills the student will ne​ed in the contexts of other classes and ensembles at the school. Students are expected to take very good notes on the concepts covered in every lesson, as well as to demonstrate the results of their practice efforts over the preceding week. Instruction is individualized to each player's rate of progress. Students are encouraged to set achievable goals and find solutions to playing problems that develop skills of daily technical work, as well as transcription, analysis, ear training, rhythmic study, and advanced harmonic concepts. Students therefore maintain a rigorous discipline towards the jazz lineage, as well as modern trends in the art form.

Ensemble Opportunities

As a jazz guitar major at DePaul you will be surrounded by a very high level of rhythm section players, soloists, composers & arrangers. Numerous opportunities exist for participation in large and small ensembles. These opportunities are offered as a direct result of the students' demonstrable skills associated with a particular group (reading, section playing, improvising, etc.). In some cases, the student will be the only player of a particular instrument, in others there may be numerous similar instruments.

Performance Opportunities

Live and recorded performance opportunities will both develop and reveal your level of achievement at every stage. These contextual elements, as well as the vibrant and varied music world of Chicago constitute one of the best possible environments in which to realize your potential to its fullest. Once again, these opportunities grow in proportion to a player's demonstrable skills, artistic vision and record of previous recordings and performances.

Recent Alumni Accomplishments

  • ​​​​​First place: Thelonious Monk Competition