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Jazz Bass

​The Jazz Bass Studio emphasizes practical experience, guided by decades of experience from Dennis Carroll, a nationally sought-after bass player.


Dennis Carroll
Dennis Carroll

Private Lessons

In the Jazz Bass studio, the focus is on the fundamentals of the bass: walking, soloing, improvising, how to navigate through different harmonic contexts, scales, theory, transcription, jazz history, piano, and physical body usage. Private lessons happen weekly and students are expected to show progress towards mastery of previous lesson material. Lesson plans are tailored to target each student's individual growth, and set them on the path of continued learning and success long after graduation.

Ensemble Opportunities

Ensembles are a great way to develop the student for working in other group dynamics in and out of school. Heavy emphasis on developing language that will serve a performer in any jazz context. Ensembles within the school of music are an ideal way for students to explore new repertoire, develop musical concepts, and discover historically significant musicians and composers. Ensembles run the gamut of Jazz and Creative music, from Big Bands to small group jazz styles of each decade of the 20th Century and beyond. 

Performance Opportunities

Students will get regular communication about upcoming performances and opportunities from Dennis Carroll. Chicago has a diverse and dynamic jazz scene that provides students with numerous performance opportunities. There is a wide array of performance venues that feature jazz, public festivals, and many educational programs within the city. Because Dennis regularly performs, he continually connects students with everything happening onstage in Chicago.