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The DePaul double bass studio brings together the talent, experience and insight of three of Chicago's leading bass players. Rob Kassinger and Alex Hanna, of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Jeremy Attanaseo comprise the classical bass teaching team. The result is a learning environment that reflects the Chicago music scene itself: world-class, diverse, hard-working and innovative.


Alexander Hanna
Alexander Hanna
Robert Kassinger
Robert Kassinger

The Double Bass Studio

The double bass studio has an all encompassing focus on the acquisition of classical technique. While much attention is paid to mastering orchestral excerpts, it is never to the exclusion of other musical forms. Because professional bass players are expected to be comfortable in a variety of styles and genres, preparing students for these varied demands is the foundation of the bass studio. Graduates of the studio leave DePaul with the skill set to play in a wide variety of settings from a major symphony orchestra to a jazz club.

Students in the studio take an orchestral repertoire class, taught by Michael Hovnanian, in which they play, study and discuss orchestral excerpts with each other and the instructor. The class meets once a week for two hours.

Chicago is the ideal place to study due to the wealth of musical opportunities, both for listening and performing. Particularly for students of the bass, Chicago is an extraordinary place to live and learn. 

Scholarship Opportunity for High School Juniors

The DePaul University School of Music is now offering high school juniors an opportunity to audition for conditional acceptance and as much as a 50% scholarship if pursuing a degree as a bass or viola performance major.