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Auditions: Undergraduate - Voice

​​​​Fall 2022 Applicants: Please stay tuned for updated audition requirements. 

Please note the following for your recordings:

- First you must apply to DePaul School of Music by December 1. After you submit your online application, you may upload your pre-screening video under the "Portfolio Submission" section at the following website: DePaul Pre-Audition Recording Upload​. 

- Applicants should use songs to demonstrate different vocal techniques such as vowels that are sustained and supported over longer note values, vocal agility in passages with quick-moving notes, consistency of tone though low, middle, and high portions of the singers range, etc. Specific requirements and suggested repertoire is below.

- Each piece should be recorded as a video in a single take and uploaded as an individual track. Recordings of individual tracks edited together from multiple takes are not appropriate. Sample songs are provided below, although students are welcome to choose songs that are not on the list. Selections should be accompanied when appropriate. 

- Pre-screen recordings are due December 1. If your pre-screen is favorablty reviewed, you will then be invited to schedule a live audition. 

Pre-Screening Requirements

Your pre-audition screening video must include two songs, one in English and one in a foreign language. 

Audition Requirements

For Fall 2021 applicants, all auditions will be submitted by February 1 as additional videos. You must wait for your pre-screen to be accepted in order to upload the audition videos.

  • three selections: one song in English and the other two in different languages other than English. Two of the songs may be the songs already presented on the pre-audition recording. You may reuse recordings from the pre-screen submissions, but we encourage to to submit new recordings, even if the song remains the same. 

  • In addition to your recordings outlined above, applicants who pass the pre-screen are required to submit a video of themselves answering these questions: 1. Why have you chosen your intended major? 2. What draws you to the DePaul University School of Music? 3. What are your ultimate career goals? 

Sample Listing of Songs (faculty recommended):

The Glory of the Day Was in Her Face by Florence Price

Ride On, King Jesus by Harry Burleigh

Ah, Love, but a day! by Amy Beach

I Attempt from Loves Sickness to Fly by Henry Purcell

Bright Is the Ring of Words by Ralph Vaughan Williams

There’ll Always Be That Someone Else by Saunder Choi

Del Cabello Más Sutil by Fernando Obradors

Sebben Crudele by Antonio Caldara

Se Tu M’ami by Giovanni Pergolesi 

Die Mainacht by Johannes Brahms

Sehnsucht by Fannie Mendelssohn

Del Cabello Más Sutil by Fernando Obradors

Beau Soir by Claude Debussy

Lydia by Gabriel Faure​​

Audition Requirements

- A medium tempo jazz standard, with vocal improvisation 

- A 12-bar blues with melody, vocalese (if applicable), and two choruses of improvisation 

- A selection of contrasting style and tempo (Bossa nova, funk, etc.) 

- Applicant must sing and demonstrate technical proficiency of registration and range by singing a major and chromatic scale, 2 octaves (key of choice).