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Auditions: Undergraduate - Saxophone

Saxophonists may choose to perform either a classical or jazz audition. Applicants who wish to schedule both may do so.

Successful applicants will be assigned to the applied studios within the category (classical or jazz) for which they have auditioned. If an applicant wishes to study in both the jazz and classical studios they must participate in both a classical and jazz audition. The classical audition must include E-flat alto saxophone; the jazz audition may be on any saxophone of the student’s choice.


Prepare two contrasting movements from the standard solo repertoire, scales and sight-reading.​


All jazz applicants (regardless of intended major) are required to submit a pre-audition screening video through our upload page, under "Portfolio Submission", by December 1. Pre-screenings must be in video format. All videos received after December 1 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times. ​

​Pre-Screening Requirements

REPERTOIRE - Prepare the compositions listed below. Applicants may use a live rhythm section or play-along accompaniment.

  • ​BLUES - Play the melody and improvise 3-4 choru​ses on Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker, key of F)
  • JAZZ STANDARD (medium tempo) - Play the melody and improvise 2 choruses on one of the following compositions: Take the A Train (Billy Strayhorn, C), Autumn Leaves, (Kosma/Mercer, G minor), Anthropology (Charlie Parker, B-flat)
SCALES - Prepare the following scales. Keys listed are on your instrument (not concert pitch).

  • ​Chromatic scale - entire range of the saxophone (low B-flat to high F), ascending and descending
  • Major scales - 2 octaves, ascending and descending; keys of F, D-flat, E

Live Audition Requirements

REPERTOIRE - Prepare the following from each category below. Applicants must bring a play-along CD or music player with play-along tracks for the audition (iPod or similar, with headphone output jack).

  • BLUES - Play the melody and improvise 4 choruses on one of the following Charlie Parker blues tunes with a play-along recording: Au Privare (key of F), Bloomdido (key of B-flat)

  • JAZZ STANDARD - You must perform a different composition than included on your pre-screening video. Play the melody and improvise 2 choruses on one of the following tunes with a play-along recording:  Take The A Train (Billy Strayhorn, key of C), Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Mercer, key of G minor), Anthropology (Charlie Parker, key of B-flat Rhythm Changes), Scrapple from the Apple (Charlie Parker, key of F), On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, key of E-flat)

  • CLASSICAL - Play one short etude or portion of a movement from standard classical saxophone repertoire, such as Selected Studies (Voxman), 48 Famous Studies (Ferling), portion of sonata 1st movement by Heiden, Creston, etc.

SCALES - be prepared to play the following:

  • Chromatic scale - entire range of the saxophone (low B-flat to high F), ascending and descending 

  • Major scales - all 12 keys, played ascending and descending (two octaves where possible)

SIGHT READING - be prepared to read the following:

  • Portions of a big band chart or jazz etude, with the use of a metronome. ​

  • M​elody and improvise on a jazz standard from a Jamey Aebersold play-along series CD