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Application Process: Inter-College Transfer Students

Current DePaul University students who are interested in transferring into the School of Music are called inter-college transfer applicants. Because you are already a DePaul student, you do not need to submit a new application to the university. You only need to submit the Inter-College Music Transfer form to the School of Music in addition to fulfilling the application requirements listed below. Admission to the School of Music is determined based on an entrance audition; there is no guarantee that current DePaul students will be admitted to the School of Music.

Application Requirements

  • Inter-College Music Transfer form

  • DePaul transcript (this can be either official or unofficial)

  • Pre-screening video (required for all applicants on voice, violin, string bass and all jazz instruments)

  • ​Composition portfolio (required for all composition applicants)

  • Interview (required for all music education applicants)

  • ​Entrance audition (required for all applicants except the non-performance track for Sound Recording Technology)​

  • Recorded audition (only for applicants pursuing the non-performance track for Sound Recording Technology)

  • Contact your area chair or director​​

Important Deadlines

Inter-College Music Transfer form - ​this is flexible but must be submitted prior to submitting a pre-screening or portfolio or completing an audition

Pre-screening video​ deadline - December 1​1

Composition portfolio deadline - February 1

Sound Recording Technology portfolio deadline - February 1​

Non-performance track video audition submission deadline - February 1​

All admission decisions sent to undergraduate applicants - by April 1

Pre-Screening Recordings

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-screen recordings can only be upload​ed after submission of your application. You will receive login information within approximately 24 hours. ​

Vocalists, Violinists, String Bassists and All Jazz Instrumentalists:  In addition to your online application, you must submit a pre-audition screening video through our upload page​​, under "Portfolio Submission"​, ​by December 1​. All recordings received after December​ 1 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times.

​Upon passing the pre-audition screening, you will receive notification by ​no later than December 20 inviting you to schedule your live audition​.​​​

At this time, pre-screening videos are not required for any instruments​ other than voice, violin, and all jazz instruments.​​


Composition Portfolios
Undergraduate applicants intending to major in composition are required to submit a portfolio by February 1. The portfolio should include a list of works you have composed during the past three years and scores for 2 to 3 works that represent your compositional vocabulary and style. Composition portfolios should be submitted through our upload page, under "Portfolio Submission".

Sound Recording Technology Portfolios

Undergraduate applicants intending to major in Sound Reco​rding Technology are permitted to submit a portfolio, although it is not required. Submissions may include any recording or video projects you have created that exhibit an understanding of music, video, and multimedia recording and production. Portfolios should be submitted through our upload page​, under "Portfolio Submission"by February 1.​

All undergraduate applicants are required to perform an entrance audition as well. Portfolios should be submitted in addition to an entrance audition.​​​​


Interviews are required only for transfer applicants intending to pursue a degree in Music Education. These interviews take place during the month of February with the Director of Music Education. To schedule an interview, please contact the Music Admissions Office at​ or 773-325-7444.​

Students applying to pursue any major other than Music Education are not required to interview.​


For more information about auditions, including repertoire requirements, visit our Audition Page.

Live, on-campus auditions are required of all undergraduate applicants, regardless of intended major, and usually take place on weekends in February.  This year we are expanding our audition times and locations. Regional Auditions will be available to all instruments except percussion in:

Atlanta: December 30 from 10:15 am-5:15 pm at the Steinway Galleries in Alpharetta, GA
Los Angeles: January 19 from 4-7 pm and January 20 from 9 am- 2 pm at the Colburn School

Recorded auditions are acceptable for students currently residing outside of the continental United States and those pursuing the non-performance SRT track. These students should submit a recorded audition through our upload page​, under "Portfolio Submission", by February 1. 

Contact Your Area Chair or Director

We strongly encourage all transfer applicants to contact and meet with the chair or director of their intended major to obtain more information. In doing so, you will learn about the petition to major process as well as the requirements of each program. For more information, contact the following faculty members:

Bachelor of Arts in Music - Dr. Kate Brucher,
Jazz Studies - Dana Hall,
Music Education - Dr. Jacki Kelly-McHale,
Composition - Dr. Kurt Westerberg,
Performance - Julie DeRoche,
Performing Arts Management - Alan Salzenstein,
Sound Recording Technology - Tom Miller,​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

 ​Can I transfer in the spring?
No, we only admit new students to begin in the School of Music at the beginning of each academic year.

I don't want to be a performance major. Do I still need to audition?
​Yes, all undergraduate applicants must perform either a clas​sical or a jazz audition to be admitted for any of the seven majors within the School of Music.

 ​Can I audition on more than one instrument?
Yes, applicants are welcome to audition on more than one instrument. However, if you are admitted for both of the instruments you audition on you will need to select one to be your primary instrument moving forward.

I play both jazz and classical. Do I need to audition for both?
Maybe. Entrance auditions affect which private lessons students can take throughout their degree program. If you would like to take both jazz and classical private lessons on your instrument while at DePaul, you do need to perform two spearate auditions. If you are only interested in taking private lessons in one area, you only need to perform that audition. Students are able to audition for and perform in both jazz and classical ensembles regardless of which entrance auditions they complete.​​​​

I'm not sure I want to go through the audition process and become a music major. Do you have any other options for current DePaul students?
Yes! We offer three music minors that are available to any DePaul student and do not require an audition. You can find more information about these on our Music Minor page​.​