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Application Process: International Students

As a prospective student from outside the United States, you must complete the following steps to apply to the DePaul School of Music.

Apply to DePaul by December 11 (extended deadline)

School of Music
A complete international student application to DePaul School of Music includes the individual components required of your academic level and intended degree (first-year, transfer, teacher certification, master's, or post-master's certificate), a third-party evaluation of your educational credentials, and proof of English language competency, as described below. Your online application is due by December 11 (extended deadline). Once your application to DePaul has been received, you will receive a confirmation letter stating that your application has arrived at our office. ​

Educational Credentials

In addition to your application, DePaul University requires you to submit your official educational credentials (transcripts, mark sheets, degree certificates) and evaluation fee directly to one of three evaluation companies. These evaluators will then provide DePaul with a general evaluation of your studies and certified copies of your international educational credentials which will be used during admission review. (It doesn't matter which company you choose. Only choose one.)

One Earth International Credential Evaluation
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
Educational Perspectives

DePaul will not accept evaluations from any other evaluation companies and will not accept any educational credentials without an evaluation from One Earth, ECE or EP.

To determine what credentials you need to submit for evaluation, please refer to the website of your chosen evaluation company.

Proof of English Language Competency

All international students must submit proof of English proficiency. You can prove your English proficiency by submitting any of the following test results:
  1. A minimum TOEFL score of 80, no section lower than 17 (internet based TOEFL), 213 (computer based TOEFL), or 550 (paper based TOEFL). DePaul University's institutional code is 1165. You can access information about the TOEFL test and register at
  2. A minimum IELTS score of 6.5. To learn about the IELTS test and register to take the test, please visit
  3. The equivalent of DePaul's courses WRD 103 and WRD 104 with grades of C or better at an accredited US educational institution.
  4. A minimum Pearson Test of English Academic score of 53. To learn more about the Pearson Test of English please visit
  5. If you have completed a bachelor's degree in the US, the English proficiency requirement may be waived.

Next Steps

Once your application to DePaul has been received, you will receive a confirmation letter stating that your application has arrived in our office.

Vocalists, Violinists, String Bassists, Clarinetists and Jazz Instrumentalists:  In addition to your online application, you must submit a pre-audition screening video by December 11 (extended deadline).

After you submit your online application, you may upload your pre-audition video to our website. All videos received after December 11 (extended deadline) will only be considered based on the availability of audition times.

To submit an undergraduate pre-audition video, click here and go to "Portfolio Submission".

To submit a a graduate pre-audition video, click here and go to "Portfolio Submission".

All Other Instruments:
After submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to schedule your on-campus audition using your Campus Connection username and password.

Intended Composition Majors: Undergraduate applicants intending to major in composition are required to submit a portfolio by December 11 (extended deadline). The portfolio should include a list of works you composed during the past three years and scores for 2 to 3 works that represent your compositional vocabulary and style. Composition portfolios should be submitted through our undergraduate or our graduate upload page, under "Portfolio Submission".

All undergraduate applicants are required to perform an entrance audition as well. The undergraduate composition portfolio must be submitted in addition to an entrance audition.

Intended Sound Recording Majors: If you intend to in Sound Recording Technology you are not required to submit a portfolio; however, you are welcome to submit materials if you so choose. Submissions may include any recording or video projects that you have created, which exhibit an understanding of music, video, and multimedia recording and production. Portfolios should be submitted to our upload page, under "Portfolio Submission", by December 11 (extended deadline)

To submit an undergraduate portfolio, click here and go to "Portfolio Submission".

To submit a graduate portfolio, click here and go to "Portfolio Submission".

Sound Recording Technology applicants pursing a performance track, please refer to your specific instrument's audition requirements.

Sound Recording Technology applicants pursuing a non-performance track must submit a video audition performing two selections that demonstrate their facility and musical understanding by December 11 (extended deadline). There is no need for a live audition.

Schedule your audition  

As an international student, you are allowed to submit a recorded audition only if you are currently residing outside the continental United States. First you must apply to DePaul School of Music. After you submit your online application, you may upload your audition recording at the following website:

DePaul Undergraduate Recording Upload
DePaul Graduate Recording Upload

Either video or audio formats are acceptable. Your audition recording is due by February 1. Please see the audition requirements for the specific repertoire for your level (undergraduate or graduate/certificate) and instrument. Each piece should be recorded in a single take and uploaded as an individual track. Recordings of individual tracks edited together from multiple takes are not appropriate. 

If you live within the continental United States, we require you to perform a live, on campus audition, which usually takes place on weekends in February. This excludes applicants pursuing the non-performance track for Sound Recording Technology.

Audition results are reviewed and all decisions about acceptance are made in late March. Students are informed of the results by April 1.

Response to an acceptance is required no later than May 1.