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Academic advising is an essential part of student academic success in the School of Music. The College Office provides advising support in conjunction with our faculty advisors. Students are assigned an advisor based on their degree program, instrument, and year of study.  Our advisors provide academic, personal, and university support, including: general advising, course selection, petitions to major, orientation, degree progress report (DPR), BlueStar, graduation/degree conferral and campus referrals.


Students can schedule in person, zoom, or phone advising appointments in BlueStar. Appointments are available between 9 AM -5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Students can access BlueStar in Campus Connect—from the student homepage, click on “Student Resources,” then “BlueStar Student Support.” Further instructions can be found here.

For questions that do not necessitate an appointment, please contact Assistant Director of Advising Amy Weatherford at 773-325-4358.

Walk-In Advising

Scheduling appointments is strongly encouraged, but schedule permitting, walk-in appointments are welcomed during business hours on a first come, first served basis.

Who is my academic advisor?

Students are assigned the Assistant Director of Advising or a faculty advisor based on their degree program, instrument, or year of study.  Find your advisor on the My Success Network page on BlueStar.

Can I schedule an appointment with my advisor at anytime?

Yes!  Students are encouraged to contact their assigned advisor at any time.

What is the Course Cart?

In Campus Connect, students can use the Course Cart function to help prepare for registration.  Classes can easily be added to the Course Cart by either the Class Search or Planner.  Adding classes to the Course Cart helps students better prepare and makes for fewer steps during registration.
Please note the following when using the Course Cart function:

  • You can begin adding classes to the Course Cart after you receive your enrollment date and time email.
  • You can validate your enrollment to ensure all of the prerequisites are met.
  • You must follow the Steps to Enroll to complete the registration process. 
  • Please be aware that adding classes to your course cart does not guarantee a spot in the class.
    Go to Campus Connect Student Center > Academics > Course Cart

    How does the waitlist work?

    If a class is full but has a waitlist, you can add yourself to the waitlist, and as seats open up, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled. When you add yourself to the waitlist, you are given a position number. Students are enrolled in open seats based on their position number. The lower the number, the higher your priority. Refer to the Guide on the Waitlist Policy or visit DePaul Central for further information.

    Will my credits from a previous institution transfer into the School of Music?

    The School of Music does accept transfer credit.  Transfer credit is evaluated by the College Office.  Admitted transfer students will be able to review their transfer credit articulation during Transition DePaul advising with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

    Can I register for more than 18 credits in a quarter?

    School of Music students are able to enroll in more than 18 credits worth of classes, but must be prepared to pay out-of-pocket per credit hour above the 18 credit mark.  Please see the tuition timetable for up-to-date information regarding tuition amount.

    How do I find out which specific courses I still need to take in order to graduate?

    Unless students have transfer credit or AP credit, the College Office asks that students find this information on their degree progress report (DPR), which can be accessed through Campus Connection through the following path: Main Menu < Degree Progress/Graduation

    Please check your DPR regularly. If you feel that there is any discrepancy or anything that you do not understand, please promptly discuss this with your assigned advisor.

    Can I get into a course after the “add” deadline has passed?

    Students seeking admission to a course after the quarter’s “add” deadline has passed (i.e., after the first week of the quarter) will need to submit a Late Registration Request Form to the Coordinator of Academic Services in the College Office for review by the School of Music exceptions committee.

    Where can I find the requirements for my degree?

    Students are provided a copy of their curriculum checklist during their initial orientation advising session.  Students are able to pick up a copy of their curriculum checklist in the College Office, with their assigned advisor, or can view the requirements online here.

    More information on the Peer Mentor Program for the 2021-22 academic year is coming soon.  Please check back.​