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Musical Studies Faculty

​​​​Musical Studies
Musical Studies comprises faculty in composition, music education, performing arts management, bachelor of arts in music, sound recording technology, and musicianship.

Christopher Wendell Jones, Director, Musicianship and Composition

Susanne Baker, Group Piano Coordinator, Piano Pedagogy
Natasha Bogojevich, Aural Training, Liberal Studies
Katherine Brucher, Enthomusicology, World Music
Joe Clark, Aural Training Coordinator, Chicago Quarter
Natalie Douglass, Aural Training
Cathy Ann Elias, Musicology, Music History
Geoff Farina, Liberal Studies
Fredrick Gifford, Music Theory, Liberal Studies, and Composition
Dana Hall, Enthomusicology, Jazz History, and World Music
Jae Hwang-Hoesley, Group Piano
Jeffrey Kowalkowski, Liberal Studies
Christopher Lemons, Liberal Studies
Amanda Blair MacDonald, Alexander Technique
Oznat Netzer, Composition, Music Theory
Bradley Robin, Aural Training, Liberal Studies
Michael Staron, Liberal Studies
Mischa Zupko, Music Theory