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For Students

Computer Lab Information

The Computer Lab is located in the School of Music (804 West Belden Ave) room 217. Here you will find twelve Apple iMac computers available for use by currently enrolled students, faculty and staff during open lab hours.

Computer Lab Hours 

Computer Lab hours are posted on the door of the lab.

The Computer Lab schedule is built around classes that take place in the lab and will change over the academic year.

Please be aware that the Computer Lab schedule may be disrupted due to lab staffing constraints, single class reservations or unscheduled maintanence. These availability interruptions are infrequent but can happen. Please follow the DPUSOMTech twitter feed for late breaking changes in lab availability.

Installed Software

There is standard software installed on each computer (MS Office and Apple iWork applications) as well as Finale 2016 and Sibelius 8 for notation. Each computer also has iMovie, Garageband and Audacity installed for music and video production. Workstations 4-9 have ProTools 11 installed and Workstation 11 has a scanner attached.

Please refer to this list for more detailed information about what software is installed on which computers.


The Computer Lab maintains a collection of headphones that are available for loan. Please see the Lab Monitor on duty to request a pair. You will be required to submit your student ID in exchange for the headphones and adapter. When you are finished with the headphones and adapter, please return them to the Lab Monitor and you'll receive your student ID in return.


Each computer is connected to an electronic piano so that music may be played into the computer via MIDI. Finale, Sibelius and Garageband can take advantage of the MIDI connection to record your performance in real time. 

Food and Drink

Please refrain from bringing food or (non-water) beverages into the lab. Water is allowed as long as it is transported in a sealable container and placed on the floor away from the keyboards.


Each School of Music classroom and lab computer is configured to print to the University print release system called "Intelliprint." When you print, you will be asked to enter your Campus Connect username. Your print job will then be sent to the system. You can retrieve your print-out from any Lincoln Park Campus print release station by swiping your student ID through the card reader.

In addition to using School of Music printers to print, you may install the Intelliprint software on your personal Mac or PC and print to any Lincoln Park Campus print release station.
Check out this link for more details on the Intelliprint system.

Printer locations

Room 217 (Computer Lab) - is available during open lab hours.

Student Lounge (Jam Pantry) - is available during building hours.

Performance Archive

Ensemble recordings are stored in a digital archive that can be accessed on any computer connected to the School of Music network. This archive is accessed using iTunes software installed on both Macs and PCs. Please follow these instructions to access the Performance Archive.

If you need a copy of a recording for a specific purpose, you may fill out an Archived Recording Request.