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Schedule a space in the School of Music

​​​Please be patient as we continue to pilot a version of the full system that will later be rolled out. We will gladly answer questions and accept feedback as we work to make this system best serve the School of Music community​!​​

At this time, the practice rooms on the first and second floors of the HPC will be made available for practicing. Some rooms are available by special request. The HPC will be open for reservations daily 7AM-10PM.

Here are the currently available spaces:

HPC 1st Floor

HPC 2nd Floor

HPC 3rd Floor

See details below under Rules governing room requests for information on how to secure a room for practicing.  

Our new scheduling system is called ASIMUT and can be accessed here ->

You will need to log into the system using your Campus Connect credentials.

Please review this video for instructions on how to book a space.

  • Reservations must be made in the ASIMUT system prior to room use. Same day reservations will be accommodated if space is available.
  • Reservations will be made in 3 hour increments, with start times varying based on rooms.
  • While you do not have to practice for all 3 hours, the system will force you to book in a 3 hour increment for the time being to enforce social distancing.
  • To access the building, enter via the East (Halsted) doors, check in at the Public Safety desk, then confirm your reservation with the staff at the HPC Box Office.
  • The HPC will be open for reservations Monday - Friday 7AM-10PM and Saturday 8AM-4PM. 
  • Saturday reservations must be made no later than Noon the day before. 
  • Practice space is for single person use only. 
  • You may have 1 reservation active at a time. Once your reservation has finished, you will be able to make another.
  • You can sync your personal digital calendar to ASIMUT in the “Calendar Feed” Tab.