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Major Requirements

Program Checkpoints

Students are admitted to a specialization at their enrollment. Students are then allowed to continue in specialization courses on the basis of program checkpoints. The program checkpoints differ for each specialization, and students should contact the department chairs or program directors/coordinators for more information. Students are not permitted to continue to enroll in specialization classes if they have not met the requirements of their program checkpoints. 

Course Requirements

  • Courses in Specialization
    • Music Theory (1 course chosen from MUS or COM 300-level or above; 4 credits)
    • Any 300 level (or above) Musicianship course beyond the musicianship sequence (Music History, Musicology, Ethnomusicology; 4 credits)
    • Experiential Learning Requirement (4 credits)
    • Senior Year Capstone in Music (4 credits)
  • Ensembles
    • Large ensemble (6 credits in the 1st and 2nd years)
    • Any Ensemble (3 credits in the 3rd or 4th year)
  • Electives
    • Music Electives (13 credits)
    • Non-Music Electives (12 credits)
    • Free Electives ( 4 credits)
  • ​Supporting Fields
    • ​Modern Language (a one year sequence or its equivalent)




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