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Student Recitals

(update on August 28, 2023) Note that all materials below are finalized for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

(updated on September 7, 2022) ​Note that non-degree recitals may not be scheduled weeks 5-10 of the Spring Quarter. 

Please use the following Student Recital Procedures to schedule your Degree or Non-Degree recital at DePaul University's School of Music:

Classical Degree

Jazz Degree

Classical Non-Degree

Jazz Non-Degree

You may find the following links helpful in your preparation:

2023/2024 Degree Recital Scheduling Chart

2023/2024 Non-Degree Recital Scheduling Chart

2023/2024 Recital Contract

Classical Program Template

Jazz Program Template

Text & Translations Template

Helpful Information on Program Notes

Program Notes Rubric for Classical Degree Recitals

Please email Genevieve Beaulieu and Julia Soulsby at with any questions you have regarding the recital process in Fall Quarter 2023.