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​​Guest Masterclasses

Guest Masterclass Request Form

If the Guest Masterclass will be a private event (for the School of Music community only, no crew, no publicizing), please submit the above form at your earliest convenience.

If the Guest Masterclass will be a public event (advertised to the general public with FOH and BOH staffing needs), please fill out the above form and allow 4-6 weeks of lead time.  All masterclasses that have a public audience music require registration for a free ticket through the HPC Box Office.  All audience members will need to follow the COVID policies, current as of the event date.  Updated information can be found here.  

Once the masterclass is approved, any guests coming to campus should complete the required Vendor & Volunteer Vaccine Compliance Certification, as detailed here.  This can be submitted ahead of time via this form, or while on-campus at 804 W. Belden, Main Desk Reception (2nd floor).  The front desk will also have blank forms ready to complete on-site for those who opt to do this in-person. 

In order to submit a payment request, faculty sponsoring the masterclass should complete a Visitor Guest Payment Request Form, which includes details on W-9 and direct deposit paperwork needed for those receiving payment.  Payment will be issued within 30 days of a complete request submission.