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New Horizons

new horizons band
 The ​​New Horizons ensemble concept was founded at the Eastman School of Music in 1991 and has since been adopted by more than 90 organizations throughout the United States. New Horizons is an offering for adult students with no age requirement with members ranging in age from twenty to ninety years old.

Groups meet weekly for eight sessions and perform in concert at the end of each quarter. Participants must provide their own instruments in good repair. Band, String Orchestra and select, smaller ensembles are available.

New Horizons groups have appeared at the Sheffield Garden Walk, Renaissance Court at the Chicago Cultural Center, and Sunrise of Lincoln Park.

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New Horizons Concert Band

New Horizons Concert Band is an intermediate/advanced group. Participants must have some instrumental background. Less experienced players can begin with discounted individual lessons.​​ Intermediate/Advanced players enter directly into the Concert Band.​

  • Thomas Madeja, Conductor
  • Sundays | 7:30 - 9:00pm
  • Tuition: $219/year or $104/8 sessions

String Orchestra

Informal interview with the director required.​ Pa​rticipants must have previous instrumental experience. Less experienced players begin with string sectionals. Intermediate/Advanced players enter directly into the String Orchestra.

  • Mina Zikri, Conductor
  • Sundays | 4:00 - 5:30pm
  • 90-minute weekly sessions
  • Tuition: $219/year or $104/8 sessions

Jazz Ensemble   

For intermediate wind and brass players, this class will explore jazz standards and focus on developing improvisational skills.

  • Thomas Madeja, Conductor
  • 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Tuition: $104/8 sessions
  • $80/8 sessions for CMD students enrolled in New Horizons Concert Band

Flute Ensemble    

This ensemble is perfect for intermediate and advanced flutists who are interested in exploring the rich literature available for flute choir.

  • Dalia Chin, Instructor
  • 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Tuition: $104/8 sessions