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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Community Music Division of DePaul University will hold its 26th annual fundraiser, PERFORMATHON 2022​​​, on Saturday, May 7, 9:00am to 5:00pm. The Division also celebrates thirty-four years of providing outstanding music instruction and programs to thousands of children and adults in the Chicago area. PERFORMATHON is a marathon recital involving students of all ages who will share their musical skills throughout the day to help raise money for the Fund for the Community Music Division. ​​​​

  1. Become a Performathon Sponsor.
    • Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 prior to Performathon, and your
      name will be included on the Sponsor Page of the Program Book.
  2. Place an ad in our annual Program Book. More information coming soon. 
  3. Donate or bid on an item in our online auction which will go live March 31. 
  4. Purchase tickets for the Performathon Tuition Raffle.
    • There are seven chances to win free or reduced tuition for CMD lessons!
  5. Collect donations from family and friends by becoming a Performathon Ambassador.
    • An Ambassador is someone who helps to promote the fundraiser to their
      own networks of family, friends, and associates, and asks those people
      to make a contribution to the cause. While any amount is appreciated,
      our goal is for each student or family to raise $100 for PERFORMATHON

Live online auction coming soon!
Bidding ends May 7 at 11:59pm

Donate Items
We are currently accepting items for our online auction. Please help us reach our goal by donating merchandise to our auction. Supporting businesses and individuals will be thanked in our program.

Whether you're looking for something unique for yourself, searching for a gift for a special someone, or looking to add a little adventure to your life, you're sure to find something in our auction. Every bid helps support our cause.

Why Bid? 
All proceeds from Performathon benefit the Fund for the Community Music Division our scholarship fund, educational enrichment programs, and community partnerships. Every dollar makes a difference for children in need of quality music instruction!
Tell Your Friends.
The success of this online auction depends on spreading the word to as many people as possible. We need your help. Please refer a friend and encourage them to participate so they don't miss a single moment of the fun and excitement.

Buy Raffle Tickets
Lucky raffle participants will win free or discounted CMD tuition and raffle tickets are available for purchase online.

Many families are not able to meet the financial demands of first-class quality music education for their children. The Community Music Division assists with scholarship support. Since 1997, we have awarded more than 700 scholarships for both need and talent, and for the past two years have provided tuition free instruction to students in under-resourced public schools in the Chicago area through our CPS Teaching Artist Partnership Program. In addition, we have provided annual enrichment opportunities for all of our on-site students through Suzuki workshops, chamber fests, and concerto opportunities.

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Joel and Samantha Cohen

CME Group/Cheryl and Sunil Cutinho



Beatrice Orzac 




Susanne+ and David Baker

The Chang/Jacobs Family

The Millard Family

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In Memory of Richard Wyszynski

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Mina Zikri                         

Up to $99

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Enrique Anaya

Ashley Beech+

Michael Berth

Sonia Boyer

Genna Chanenson and Greg Guttman

Janett Chavez

Clarissa Havel

Scott Hesser

Caleb Keisker

Jodi Keisker

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Aubrie Willaert+

Congratulations to the following students who received points in our Achievement Goals Activity. 

Rafi Ahmed, piano - 200

Zia Ahmed, piano - 200

Landon Boyer, violin - 200

Gavin Chiam, piano - 200

Amy Cui, piano - 200

Alison Huang, piano - 200

Emery Ja, violin - 200 + 30 additional points for self-created category

Marisa Kaenkumjorn, piano - 200

Hannah Lou, piano - 200

Leo Ma, violin - 200

Marvin Wilson, violin - 200 + 20 additional points for self-created category

Catherine Zhao, piano - 200

Sybella Zhao, piano - 200

Leo Ma, piano - 190

Lucy Doughty, violin - 185

Avery Ja, violin - 180 + 30 additional points for self-created category

Rossana Takhsh, voice - 173

Evan Clotworthy, piano - 160

Andrew Dawson, violin - 160

Eva Jarog, violin - 160

Allison Lee, violin - 160

Maximillian Liu, violin - 160

Vivian Liu, violin - 160

Eva Simone Newman, violin - 160

Maxwell Newman, violin - 160

Alexis Park, viola - 160

Kennedy Roldan, violin - 160

Bronson Stamper, violin - 160

Josen Stamper, violin - 160

Charlie Walsh, violin - 160

Winsten Younk, piano - 160

Ela Freeze, violin - 150

Ronin Freeze, violin - 150

Zimo Liu, violin - 150

Jeanne Keller, violin - 145

Zuzanna Dabrowski, piano - 143

Zachary Deutsch, piano - 140

Lillian Eig, viola - 140

Lucas Pan, violin - 140

Daochen Li piano - 130

Laura Beloto, violin - 120

Marlowe Coleman, violin - 120

Caroline Jarog, violin - 120

Holt Powell, violin - 115

Gulmeena Balouch, violin - 110

Sam Brooks, violin - 100

Mahin Schneider, violin - 100

Tara Doppalapudi, violin - 80

Adeline Price, piano - 76

Cora Villers, piano - 68

Olivia Leonard, piano - 65