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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements​

A minimum of 48 quarter hours of graduate credit is required for the Master of Music degree. This total is divided between the basic studies required of all master’s degree students, and courses in the specialization. ​

Music Education Core (16 credits)

Music Education Specialization (20 credits)

Music Education Electives (12 credits)

  • Students may take any 400 level courses within the School of Music, selected in consultation with their advisors.

Terminal Requirements 

Two terminal requirements are required of all students:

  • A written comprehensive examination, in which the students must demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of their major field of study. The comprehensive examination may be taken at any time after 32 quarter hours of graduate credit have been earned.
  • The completion of a final project.

Residency Requirements 

All courses for the master’s degree must be taken at DePaul University. Graduate credit for courses completed at other institutions may not be applied toward the degree.
The music education graduate program is designed to accommodate the schedule of working teachers, and students typically enroll part time for three summers and two intervening academic years.  To earn full-time status, graduate students must be registered for a minimum of six quarter hours in any term. All requirements for the degree must be completed within six calendar years from the time a student is first enrolled. For students removing deficiencies, this period will begin when all deficiencies are removed and admission to the master’s degree program has been granted. 
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