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School of Music COVID-19 Updates

Winter 2021 Updates


All large ensembles, along with chamber groups and jazz combos, will remain operating online during winter quarter. Additionally, applied lessons will continue to remain the decision of individual faculty members and their students, choosing between in-person, hybrid, or remote work. There will be a modest increase in the number of in-person courses. The HPC and Music North buildings will be open and remain a resource for all during the winter quarter, likely on a schedule similar to the fall quarter.

Note: The HPC has just extended hours, effective immedately, for practice room availability to include Saturday from 8AM - 4PM, in addition to Monday - Friday 7AM-10PM.

Please pay attention to course modalities when reviewing the winter quarter course catalog as some may have changed. Any student who wishes to pursue their studies entirely online winter quarter will have the option to do so. Faculty will continue to communicate directly with students in their programs about expectations of in-person and online courses.

Fall 2020 Updates


DePaul is working hard to safely welcome its community back to campus.  In accordance with the guidance from our state and local governments, DePaul will adhere to the principles of low density and social distancing on campus during the fall quarter. The university’s approach to low density means that only those students and employees whose classes and jobs require them to be on campus will return for now.

As the university announced plans to further minimize our on-campus presence in the fall, we know this creates questions.  Information continues to be worked out daily so do please continue to refer to this page for updates on School of Music specific items.  A valid DePaul ID is required for entry into buildings.  Please visit the ID Services Center as soon as you are able to obtain an ID. 

Please note that university practices may change over time in accordance with guidance from health and governmental officials.  We strongly encourage you to stay updated on university information here and continue to check your DePaul email frequently.  

Note: See linked PDF's for quick reference guides to HPC and Music North access.  The HPC has just extended hours, effective immedately, for practice room availability to include Saturday from 8AM - 4PM, in addition to Monday - Friday 7AM-10PM.

Academic Advising appointments will be offered via zoom or phone during the Autumn 2020 quarter. Appointments are available 9-5, Monday through Friday and can be scheduled in Blue Star. 

Students can access BlueStar in Campus Connect—from the student homepage, click on “Student Resources,” then “BlueStar Student Support.” Further instructions can be found here.

For questions that do not necessitate an appointment, please contact Assistant Director of Advising Amy Weatherford at 773-325-4358.

Please note: Walk-in appointments are not available during Autumn 2020 quarter.

For more information on Advising please visit the College Office webpage.

Applied lessons are happening in different modalities.  Students will hear directly from faculty for instructions on how this will work individually.

Concert attendance requirements are suspended for Fall Quarter 2020.

As a majority of the courses for the fall quarter are shifting online, please pay attention to the specific modality in which your courses are offered.  Different online modalities will combine asynchronous and synchronous opportunities for engaging with course content, your professors, and your fellow students. Please keep in mind that students are expected to attend class at the class times listed in Campus Connect if the course is listed as online synchronous or online: hybrid. Courses listed as online asynchronous have no regular meeting pattern, but even with an asynchronous course, faculty may expect students to schedule occasional one-on-one or small group online meetings on an ad hoc basis. If you have a question about a particular course’s meeting time or modality, please reach out directly to the instructor. You can find a complete listing of course modality types and descriptions here.  Please take the time to be aware of the options for your courses and how to identify each type in Campus Connect.  

For faculty, the DePaul Teaching Commons also provides comprehensive descriptions of the different course modalities offered by DePaul. The DePaul Teaching Commons offers resources for faculty who are preparing to teach online this autumn and workshops on a variety of teaching tools and techniques for online teaching. 

All large ensembles, combos and chamber music will be offered online during Fall Quarter 2020.  Letters from the faculty in the classical, jazz and choral areas were emailed directly to all students.  Please read those letters carefully for the specifics that pertain to your course or courses of study and your interests, as they also include information on auditions and virtual fall ensembles along with Music Awards. 

If you did not receive a letter or have specific questions, please contact Genevieve Beaulieu, Coordinator, Performance Services & Instrumental Library.


Decisions surrounding juries will be forthcoming. Please check back for updates. 

Updated recital procedures and protocol for Fall 2020 can be found here. The following changes are important to note and can be found on page one of any of the recital timelines provided on the Student Recitals webpage:

• With applied faculty approval, students may opt to do a capstone project or performance (at HPC or remote) to fulfill recital requirements in Fall 2020.

• Degree recitals will be given priority and, due to time and space limitations, and non-degree recitals may not be possible.

• Performances in HPC are limited to the student performer only. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to have an accompanist perform in an adjoining space.

• Your applied faculty will be the only audience member admitted to your performance in HPC. 

• Recitals may only be given in Gannon Concert Hall, Jarvis Opera Hall, and Allen Recital Hall. An exception may be made for Dempsey Corboy Jazz Hall and Brennan Recital Hall if you are performing completely without an accompanist in an adjoining space, do not request a recording engineer, and the space is available.  

• Recitals at HPC may only be given Monday-Friday.

• Video and audio recordings should be requested with links provided on the website.  While you are welcome to live stream with your own device, the School of Music cannot live stream your event.  

Please read the complete details on the Student Recitals webpage. Further communication will be emailed to students before the start of Winter Quarter 2021 to update with any changes in procedures and protocols. Contact Genevieve Beaulieu with any additional questions. 


Consistent with university policy and in order to maintain an appropriate level of safety and precaution, starting at the beginning of Autum Quarter, all School of Music facilities will operate at a reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. The Holtschneider Performance Center (HPC) and Music North buildings will be open Monday - Friday, 7AM - 10PM. The HPC hours have been extended, effective immediately, to include Saturday from 8AM - 4PM for practice room access. Both facilities will be fully closed on Sundays and Music North will remain closed on Saturdays. All policy below will go into effect starting Tuesday, September 8 until further notice.   

NOTE: See attached PDF for an access flowchart to help in understanding current gudelines.   FOR STUDENTS   FOR FACULTY

HPC Access: 

• Faculty, students, and staff should use the east-facing doors (off of Halsted) to enter and exit the building. All other entrances to the building will be locked for entry and will be used as emergency exits only. 

• Masks must be worn at all times except in single-use practice rooms, single-use offices with the door shut, or while a student or faculty is playing their instrument in a lesson. No exceptions.

• Anyone entering the building will be required to show a DePaul ID, sign in, and sign out at the Public Safety desk located inside the east entrance. 

• Approved HPC access will be available for students and faculty in face-to-face courses, students with practice room reservations, students needing to access lockers, students and faculty with recital reservations, faculty with classroom reservations for remote teaching, student employees assigned to work in the space (per manager approval), staff needing to access their offices, and any personnel with a parking permit in the HPC Garage. 

• Those utilizing the parking garage will be required to sign in at the HPC Box Office (located on the north side of the building next to the elevator up from the garage) upon arrival and sign out prior to departure; signage will be posted to direct individuals to the correct location for doing this.

• HPC Box Office Staff will be present during building hours to assist Public Safety with scheduling updates, handle advising scheduling requests, and provide other general information pertaining to School of Music operations.

• No congregating in any common spaces will be permitted.

• Students needing to reserve space in HPC in order to do remote coursework can make a reservation for space in a classroom or practice room; students will need to have their own technology resources to use in these spaces. Please contact Aidan Kranz forr these specific reservations. 

• For advanced permission on any other activity in this building, please contact Aidan Kranz, Facilities Coordinator. Any walk-ins without an approved access activity or advanced permission from SOM staff will not be allowed to use the building. 

Music North Access: 

• Faculty, students, and staff should use the ground floor floor south-facing doors to enter and exit the building. Note that the second floor entrance, where School of Music reception has historically been located, will not be used as an entrance and will be designated as an emergency exit only until further notice.

• Masks must be worn at all times except in single-use offices or studios with the door shut. No exceptions.

• Anyone entering the building will be required to show a DePaul ID, sign in, and sign out at the Reception Desk, which has temporarily been relocated inside the ground floor entrance.

• The Music North Computer Lab will be open and accessible via advanced registrations. Students can make reservations in this space to attend coursework remotely, but should plan on bringing their own headphones.

• Approved Music North access will be available for faculty wishing to teach remotely out of their offices or studios, staff members needing to access offices, student employees assigned to work in the space (per manager approval), and students with Computer Lab reservations. No face-to-face applied teaching will be allowable in Music North for fall quarter.

• Students wishing to use practice space should utilize HPC Practice Rooms, as Music North studios will not be available for individual practice use. Keys will not be signed out.  

• With the exception of the Computer Lab, all rooms in Music North should be limited to one individual at a time. Studio faculty in shared offices should coordinate with each other to comply with this rule. 

• Face-to-face meetings with faculty and students will not be permitted.

• Staff and faculty mailboxes will be accessible to all faculty and staff during regular business hours. 

• Copier use and printer use will be available in limited instances given how much activity will be remote this fall.

• No congregating in any common spaces will be permitted.

• For advanced permission on any other activity in this building, or to identify equipment that may need to be relocated from Music North to HPC in order to allow student use for practicing, please contact Aidan Kranz, Facilities Coordinator, at

NOTE: Students may visit the SOM Technology Website for instructions on how to reserve practice and computer lab space and to view when spaces are available. Faculty should consult with Aidan Kranz on reserving spaces in HPC for teaching remotely; faculty will not be required to make reservations to access their own offices or studio spaces. Faculty reservations via the online tool will be rolled out at a later date.


Practice rooms on the first and second floors of the HPC will be made available for individual student use Monday - Friday, 7AM - 10PM and have been extended to include Saturday's from 8AM - 4PM.  Visit the SOM Technology Website for instructions on how to reserve space and to view when spaces are available.

Masks may be removed in a pratice room, when the student is in the room alone with the door closed. Masks must be put back on immediately upon leaving the practice room.  

To allow for cleaning between uses and for air filtration, students must vacate a practice room at the end of their reservation. All rooms must be empty during the "closed for cleaning break" to allow for cleaning as well as air filtration. Students may not stay in a practice room through any cleaning breaks, even if they have the reservation for the same room after the cleaning break. The facilities staff has a strict cleaning schedule that must be adhered to for everyone's health and safety.  Please be respectful of reservation timings and plan accordingly.  

Practice room reservations can be made as close to the start time as a room is available. Booking a room no later than 24 hours in advance is no longer necessary, but suggested to ensure space is available when needed. Students must check into their room reservation at the HPC Front Desk (Box Office) after signing into the building with Public Safety. 

Consistent with university policy and in order to maintain an appropriate level of safety and precaution, no congregating in any common space of HPC or Music North will be permitted.

Managers will be in touch with their employees about employment moving forward. Many student employees may still be able to work for the School of Music remotely.  Additional information about working remotely can be found at the Office of Student Employment Remote Operations website

Information regarding the availability of the Computer Lab in the Music North Building, along with any additional equipment that can be made available for use, will be forthcoming.  Please check back for updates. 

DePaul invested in and installed improved ventilation systems to ensure that when everyone returns, they are learning and working in a safe environment.  All HVAC filters in DePaul-owned buildings (including HPC and Music North) have been upgraded from filters with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of eight to a MERV rating of 13 to better mitigate the spread of particles.

The airflow in the Holtschneider Performance Center's practice rooms has been increased by an additional 100 cubic feet per minute at a minimum. This is due to the size of the rooms and because some students may not be able to wear a mask when practicing, depending on their instrument.

For more information on the ventilation system improvements, read the university's article here. 

Beginning Tuesday, September 8th, all email communications from the School of Music will be sent to your BlueM@il address. Please be aware of this change from our previous email policies and be sure to check this email account often for important information. 

Your BlueM@il email address is also automatically set as the official email address in Campus Connect. This change will ensure that more important university messages, particularly in D2L, are reliably delivered. For more information on this change, visit Information Services' Knowledge Base website.

Ways to check email using your DePaul login credentials:

Outlook web app: Go to and select the Outlook icon

Outlook desktop app: Go to and download Office 365 including Outlook

Outlook mobile app: Download the Outlook mobile app on iPhone or Android

Other email app of your choice using DePaul login credentials

For questions about student email, login issues, and accessing email, please see the Student Email and University Communications article in the Knowledge Base.