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School of Music COVID-19 Updates

Spring Quarter 2022 Updates


Update on On-Campus Masks from President Esteban, confirming mask-wearing will no longer be required in classrooms and labs starting April 11. However, DePaul will continue to be a mask-friendly campus and wearing a mask will be highly recommended for indoor spaces. 

​Please visit the university's resources page​ for continuing guidance on Covid-19 testing and positive test reporting. 

Winter Quarter 2022 Updates


Update on Covid-19 Booster and Mask Guidelines from President Esteban, confirming in-person activities beginning on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Testing: The university recommends testing before returning to campus. Here is the list for the hours of the university’s testing sites on the Lincoln Park Campus and Loop Campus, instructions for how to sign up for testing, and links to information about other testing sites in the Chicago area. 

Masks: The university recommends wearing K95 or KN95 mask whenever possible. The university announced that they hope to make them available on campus. If you do not have a K95 or KN95 mask, it’s recommended that you double mask with a surgical mask and a cloth mask. Surgical masks (i.e. paper masks) are available on the first floor of HPC. For wind and brass musicians, you should continue to use the specially designed instrument masks while playing. We do not anticipate that mask requirements in the City of Chicago will change anytime soon. 

COVID​-19 Protocols If You Test Positive: If you test positive for COVID-19, the university requires you to report your case to the university. For more information about how to notify the university, please visit this site. The form is easy to fill out, and a university contact tracer will follow up with you. If you have been exposed to someone who tests positive at DePaul and deemed a close contact, someone from the university or public health agency may contact you.  

​If you have symptoms consistent with COVID 19, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you stay home and test negative for COVID-19 before returning to campus. Students should immediatly contact instructors to inform them of absence. 

Boosters: The university requires DePaul students, staff, and faculty to receive a COVID 19 booster by March 1, 2022. All students received detailed information about the booster requirement in an email from the University Registrar. You will need to submit proof of a booster unless you have an exemption before you register for Spring Quarter courses. Registration opens February 10th; if possible, submit your proof of a booster by February 10th to register when your registration appointment opens. For students who need a booster, please visit the university’s information page about how to schedule one in Chicago. 

All of the above items are subject to change, depending on any subsequent updates from the city, state, or university administration.  

​​Winter Quarter Building Hours

Holtschneider Performance Center (2330 North Halsted) and Music North (804 West Belden)are open regular hours for Winter Quarter.

Building hours  will be as follows
•         Holtschneider Performance Center: 7 AM- Midnight
•         Music North: 7 AM -10 PM

Practice rooms are available for individual in the Holtschneider Performance Center.  Please use ASIMUT​ to reserve your practice room. ​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fall Quarter 2021 Updates


Below are a number of updates pertaining to School of Music facilities access in alignment with state, city, and university guidelines.   All changes below go into effect immediately, unless otherwise noted.

Note: In alignment with mask guidance issued July 31, 2021, by the Chicago Department of Public Health, DePaul University has stated that everyone on campus—regardless of vaccination status—is required to wear a face mask indoors until further notice.

Building Hours​

Holtschneider Performance Center (2330 North Halsted) & Jarvis Opera Hall (800 West Belden) will operate during Fall Quarter as follows:

  • Daily (M-F and Sat/Sun), 7 AM- Midnight. 
  • Students, faculty, and staff access via card-swipe from 10 PM-Midnight. 
  • Sign-ins at Public Safety and the use of Campus Clear will no longer be required. 
  • Students should continue to use ASIMUT for space reservations for practice rooms. Practice room use will continue to be limited to one person at a time.
  • If you are new to the ASIUMT​ system, a training video is available to learn how to reserve a room. 
  • To request SOM facilities space for any activities other than practice room access outside of already-scheduled onsite programming, students and faculty members should submit a space request form at least two business days in advance of the proposed “event” date.

​​Music North (804 West Belden) will operate during Fall Quarter as follows:

  • Daily (M-F and Sat/Sun), 7 AM - Midnight.
  • Faculty and staff access via card swipe on the ground floor from 10 PM-Midnight.
  • Music North front desk (2nd floor) will be staffed for reception, mailroom access and distribution, information, and general assistance, but sign-ins are no longer required.
  • Computer Lab will be open for the academic year beginning at the start of Fall Quarter 2021.

General Updates:
  • Masks are required for all indoor activities, including performances, rehearsals, lessons, and classes. In many cases, of course, this will require the use of specialized, instrument-specific masks. At this point, we do NOT anticipate requiring bell covers or instrument bags.
  • Mask protocol update for wind players: Our previous policy allowing students to supply their own masks has caused some safety concerns, so please note the following update to our mask protocols for all student wind players, effective immediately. The School of Music-issued Conn-Selmer masks (for wind players other than flutists) and Hickey’s flute masks will now be required for any use in School of Music facilities by default unless an alternative model has been pre-approved or endorsed by a performance studio faculty member. 
  • Mask protocol update for bassoon players: There is a newly approved mask from the bassoon faculty that students can use from TorpedoBag
  • Mask protocol update for saxophone players: There is a newly approved mask from the saxophone faculty that students can use from WoodwindBrasswind​
  • For vocal students, two types of vocal masks will be provided, one type specifically for vocal jazz students who need to use shared microphones and equipment in addition to a clear mask for vocal students enrolled in lessons.  ​
  • Visit the Box Office at Holtschneider Performance Center (2330 N. Halsted) to pick up your mask if you have not already done so. Hours are 9 AM-6 PM, 7 days a week. One mask will be provided per student.​
  • Please note that all of the specialized masks that are being purchased have been recommended by studio faculty. ​
  • Studio faculty will provide any information on approved mask models for their area to Ben Polancich. A list of any further approved models of masks will be published on this page. Students wishing to use these at models will be responsible for purchasing them on their own.
  • Students in strings, piano, keyboard, and other areas that do not require specialized masks will be responsible for supplying their own masks.
  • Music Education students enrolled in methods classes who may need masks for classroom activity will hear directly from their Music Education faculty member, who will be providing those masks. 
  • Wind instrumentalists must use disposable pads for water valves, which must be thrown away at the end of each use. A recommended suggestion for these pads can be found here.  Students and faculty will be responsible for supplying their own supplies in order to be compliant with this guideline. 
  • ​Fall Quarter ensemble rehearsals and performances will largely resume in HPC spaces. While we do not currently anticipate any significant changes to scheduled days/times for these rehearsals or performances, there may be some space changes based on the number of wind players in proportion to space area, per local health and university guidance. Spaces for rehearsals will be prioritized according to the number of wind players in the ensemble, to the best of our ability based on available spaces. 
  • ​Protocols for the safe use of shared instruments are under review and will be in place prior to instrument check-outs. Details on this will be sent to all students via email in the days ahead. 
  • Pay close attention to your class and ensemble schedule as some locations may have changed since you last reviewed it.  
  • Consistent with past practice, chamber groups, combos, and studio classes will be scheduled in the largest spaces available once groups have been assigned. In some cases, depending on the number of wind or singers involved, we may add plexiglass shields to some of these spaces. 
  • ​Applied lessons for the fall quarter will return largely to Music North studios. All lessons will require masks. For any areas involving aerosol transmission (voice and wind instruments), we may install plexiglass shields into Music North studios, which may be used in addition to masks.
  • Reservations for practice rooms in HPC must sti​ll go through ASIMUT.  For those of you who are new to the ASIMUT system, there is a training video available to learn how to reserve practice rooms. 
  • All other reservation requests for space within HPC should be made via the HPC Space Request Form. Space reservations are not guaranteed and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. ​
  • For questions regarding ensemble auditions, please refer to the email sent to you by Genevieve Beaulieu for details.  
  • Please note, we are welcoming audiences back to the Holtschneider Performance Center this fall with protocols in place around masks, vaccines, and testing. Our guidelines and the concert e​xperience may be modified at any time, based on the latest public health, city, and university recommendations. Consult this for updated information that you can share with any friends and family who may be coming on campus to enjoy your performance. 
  • ​The university encourages social distancing whenever possible, but currently, there are no guidelines restricting room capacities below normal operations. Consistent with existing university policy, we will continue to encourage distancing (particularly for rehearsals/performances, as space allows) and good hygiene/sanitation processes (handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, wiping down of stands, equipment, etc.). Consult the university’s COVID-19 Updates and Guidance page for updated information on university policies and protocols.​
  • Please continue to consult Chicago’s travel order​, which applies to any activity on campus in addition to all of your activity in the city of Chicago. 
  • All of the above items are subject to change, depending on any subsequent updates from the city, state, or university administration.  We strongly encourage you to check your DePaul email frequently during the academic year.