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Student Profile: Jack Mulopulos

At only 14 years of age, Jack Mulopulos is busier than most of his peers and even some professional musicians. He has been billed as a featured soloist for a sold out concert in Symphony Center and has performed alongside operatic tenor Rod Dixon. A versatile violinist, singer and actor, Jack’s favorite performance, according to his dad John, is whichever one he is currently in. For Jack, that has included Christmas Schooner at Bailiwick Repertory and productions of Oliver Twist and Grease at Frances Xavier Warde, where he is in 8th grade. Jack is currently studying violin with Elise Dalleska and voice with Barbara Staley.

Q: Why did you start playing?

My brother [Sam] played the violin so I started taking lessons when I was four. A few years ago I started taking voice lessons. My teacher at school said I should take lessons and really started to help me with musical theater and how to act when you’re singing and some technique. My grandpa, who is a singer, said I should start to make sure that I’m singing the right way. After that I started doing more productions like musicals.

Q: So, which do you prefer, violin or singing?

Singing. It comes easy to me and I like being up on stage. There are also other aspects like acting with musical theatre.

Q: Have any performances stuck out in your mind as more memorable than others?

The first song that I learned was “Giants in the Sky” by Stephen Sondheim - from Into the Woods the musical. A couple of years after that, when I was in 5th grade, my school did a production of Into the Woods and I got to sing the song again.

Q: What would your dream performance be?

It would probably be a big production like Phantom of the Opera - one of the first shows I saw on Broadway – or Cats.

Q: Do you have a favorite song?

I really like “Caro mio ben” by Tommaso Giordani. I got it from a book called 26 Italian Songs and Arias. It’s in my range and it is the song that I sing most frequently.

Q: What are you interests outside of music?

I really like computers. I’m always making movies and playlists and things like that.

Q: How would you describe your 10 years at the Community Music Division?

I like it a lot. Between [DePaul Youth] Orchestra and Elise [Dalleska]’s other students, I know a lot of other violinists. Orchestra is probably my favorite violin activity. I know everyone here and I like being around them.