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DePaul School of Music offers a number of graduate and undergraduate assistantship positions in areas of academics, performance, and administration. These employment opportunities offer invaluable experience to individuals interested in building and developing professional skills in areas such as music performance and college administration. While working under the mentorship of world-class faculty members and experienced administrative professionals, students in these positions obtain hands-on experience in various operational areas associated with ensembles, technology, facilities management, and administration. These positions offer a great learning opportunity to complement the classroom experience and prepare longer term for professional careers in music.

All positions described below are compensated carry different stipend levels and are paid as taxable income via payroll (for work as it is completed).

Academic Area Assistantships (Available to Graduate Students Only):

• Assist faculty, provide administrative support, andserve as liaison for applied studios, ensembles, library, recording studio, and combos
• Assist and perform in jazz ensembles (big bands and combos) as needed
• Teach secondary instrument requirements as needed and qualified (secondary (non-major) piano, vibraphone, drumset, flute, and clarinet)
• Perform office administration and research assistance to area professors and instructors 
• Provide assistance with lecture and course preparation, including library research and examination proctoring
• Assist instructors in preparing and grading materials for first and second year Music Theory courses
• Tutor students for first and second year Music Theory courses as assigned, in consultation with Musicianship faculty
• Provide administrative support to musicianship and composition faculty
• Maintain directory for percussion students and faculty
• Manage room sign-out protocols and related equipment assignments / moves
• Coordinate equipment inventory and moves associated with all rehearsals and performances
• Maintain on-going inventory and maintenance of equipment and supplies, including collaborating with business office in new and replacement purchasing, rentals, and salvage
• Provide administrative support to percussion faculty and, on occasion, ensembles, music education, and orchestral rep.
• Teach supplemental technique classes/lessons to undergraduate students
• Lead occasional sectional rehearsals for DePaul orchestras
• Perform in one or more DePaul orchestras
• Additional opportunities to perform on and off campus as a chamber ensemble
• Provide administrative support to strings faculty
• Teach sectionals and individual or small group lessons on a weekly basis to elementary, middle school, or high school students in various instrumental areas (determined annually based on need).
• Partnership programs administered by the DePaul Community Music Division.
• All instruction takes place off-site at CPS partner schools in the Chicago area.

Performing Arts Center Assistantships (Available to Graduate & Undergraduate Students):

• Sell tickets for all Music School productions and other events being sold by the HPC
• Maintain accurate daily sales records and credit card receipts
• Politely respond to patron requests, concerns, and issues
• Maintain thorough, accurate, and up‐to‐date patron databases
• Politely scan patron tickets and direct or escort patrons to their seats
• Provide patrons with programs and other relevant materials
• Ensure seating sections are clean and clear of debris or obstructions
• Be aware of and enforce appropriate house rules
• Remain at assigned post throughout the event unless taking an assigned break
• Must be aware of, and follow, the proper procedures for assisting patrons with disabilities
• Train, supervise, and assist students and volunteers including clearly describing all venues within the HPC, including restrooms, water fountains, the café, coat check, and the box office.
• Ensure the entire Front of House team understands evacuation procedures from all points within each venue
• Monitor and manage crowds and direct lines as needed
• Scan patron tickets and direct or escort patrons to their seats
• Work collaboratively with HPC stage managers and the audience services team to coordinate front and back of house operations including starting events on time, facilitating late seating, and closing down all facilities after audiences depart.
• Be aware of and enforce appropriate house rules
• Must be aware of, and follow, the proper procedures for assisting patrons with disabilities
• Operate sound, lights, video/projection, and any other tech needs for events in the HPC performance halls
• Work individually or in a team of tech crew employees to meet the technical needs of any performance or event
• Anticipate the needs of performers and other crew members
• Carry out tasks based on a detailed tech request form
• Other duties as assigned
• Act as a shift leader for the student Tech Crew
• Train tech crew in conjunction with Technical Director
• Assist Technical Director in facilities management, organization and planning
• Act as the point person for tech-related communication during events
• Coordinate with Front of House (FOH) crew and ensemble directors to ensure a smooth performance
• Other duties as assigned
• Set stage and backstage area with necessary equipment before doors to the house are opened
• Perform any set changes that need to take place during performances
• Strike the stage and backstage areas after the performance is finished
• Assist performers when necessary
• Coordinate performances from backstage
• Other duties as assigned
• Lead and coordinate the efforts of the Stage Crew
• Monitor and coordinate performances from backstage
• Be in constant communication with the Tech Coordinator and FOH team to ensure a smooth performance
• Other duties as assigned

Administrative Assistantships (Available to Graduate & Undergraduate Students):

Librarians provide support to various School of Music ensembles, following School of Music and publishing guidelines and best practices.

• Regular duties consist of preparing and editing parts, mailing rentals and scores, distributing music, updating/maintaining Google docs, organizing catalogues, responding to e-mails in a timely fashion, and additional duties as needed.

• The effectiveness of the librarians is crucial to ensuring the success of our ensembles.

• Librarians should be detail-oriented and have excellent organizational skills and time-management.

• Previous music library experience is preferred, as well as students who will be in the School of Music for at least two more years.

• Responsible for staffing the front desk of the School of Music during evening and weekend hours, or when the Receptionist is unable to be at the desk during business hours.
• Job duties include greeting visitors entering the school, answering the main phone line, and signing out practice room keys to students.
• The front desk is the first place visitors see upon entering the school and front desk staff serve as the main hub for questions, directions and assistance.
• Select positions in this area assist with accounting/business office, marketing/communications, and provide event support.
• Responsible for staffing the Computer Lab during daytime, evening and weekend hours.
• Primary job duties include maintaining the print release station, checking in/out headphones from/to the students, answering general technology questions, and reporting any issues to the Technology Manager.