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Welcome to DePaul School of Music's Career Services Office!

Career Services at DePaul School of Music provides information and resources for School of Music students and alumni on various music and arts related career opportunities.

Contact Information
Rachael Smith, Coordinator of Career and Performance Services
School of Music Room 204 •

Are you new to the School of Music? The First Year Student Career Prep Checklist and Graduate Student Career Prep Checklist  provide tips specifically with our new students in mind. 

Below are the seven components that make up Career Services at DePaul School of Music:
  • New!  SOM Career Services Blog* Rachael goes more in depth on the many aspects of developing a career in music. Have a topic or question you've always wondered about? Let Rachael know via email or leave a comment on the blog!
  • Gig Connection Student Application* Provides freelance performance opportunities throughout Chicago.
  • Bridge Music Connection  Provides 24-hour online access to thousands of opportunities in music and arts administration.
  • Career WorkshopsCurrent students, prospective students, and alumni are invited to attend free workshops featuring presentations and guest speakers on a variety of music career topics. Enjoy raffle prizes, pizza, and conversation following the workshop. 
  • Career Documents   Do you need help writing your résumé, cover letter, or bio? Starting to think about employment after graduation? No matter where you are in the process, Rachael is available to help. Book your appointment online today!
  • Jobs Database*  The job opportunities that used to live on the Jobs Database will now be shared directly on our Facebook page. We want you to know about the latest auditions, church gigs, and other musical opportunities as soon as we do. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all the latest opportunities that are sent our way!
  • Other ResourcesA comprehensive list of online resources to help prepare for success in music and in life.
    *Available to School of Music alumni.

What Rachael's Reading

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