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Career Documents

One-on-One Appointments
Rachael is available to help students prepare their résumés, cover letters and bios, and assist with
job searches.
To make an
appointment, please stop by Room 204 or email Rachael at

For all One-on-One Appointments:

  1. Rachael will ask you to email a copy of your current documents via email as an MS Word document. Prior to sending, please take some time to review the handbooks and guides available below and make any adjustments necessary following those guidelines.
  2. If you are able to do so, it is helpful to bring your own laptop to your appointment to facilitate editing your documents during the appointment.
Below is an overview of each type of document to help you get started with this process. 

Whether you are applying for an audition or a job interview, nearly all employment opportunities require you to submit a résumé. Your résumé is your "stand-in" when you are not in the room, and can be a deciding factor in whether you move on to the next round or not.
For assistance with performance résumés, please consult the Music Résumé Handbook
For assistance with arts administration résumés, please consult the Arts Administration Résumé Handbook

Cover Letters
A cover letter (also called "letter of interest" or "letter of intent") is submitted to the employer in addition to your résumé. It should state that you are applying for a particular position or opportunity and summarize how your specific qualifications and objectives fit that opportunity. Typically one page long, a cover letter also showcases your writing skills.  For more assistance, please consult the Cover Letter Handbook.  We also suggest visiting the DePaul Career Center.

A bio is a short biographical statement used as promotional material for nearly all music careers. For more help writing your bio, check out our Musician Bio Guide.

Job Searches
While there are many ways to conduct a job search, the Job Search Checklist is a great starting point.