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For Students

Practice space is open only to currently enrolled DePaul School of Music students. Students not currently enrolled in the DePaul School of Music are not permitted to use School of Music facilities to practice without express permission from the Facilities Coordinator.

Practice Rooms: Practice Rooms are located in the Holtschneider Performance Center, open from 7am until midnight, and must be reserved using ASIMUT.

Studios: Many applied studio teachers allow students to sign out their studio for practice time. Please see your applied teacher or the receptionist to find out if this is an option for your studio.  Note that studio spaces in SOM North are currently closed for rennovations. 

Classrooms and Chamber Rooms: Students may request classroom or chamber room rehearsal space by filling out this form.

Practice rooms, studios, or unassigned classrooms are not to be used by DePaul students to teach private lessons to their own students.

The performance halls and rehearsal rooms in the Holtschneider Performance Center can be used for recordings or rehearsals during regular business hours.

To reserve a performance hall or a rehearsal room, you must fill out this form. Halls can be reserved for a maximum of three (3) hours per day. Halls must be reserved at least two days but not more than one month in advance. Changes or cancellations must be communicated via email or in person as soon as possible.

Any student found abusing the use of the hall(s), or who has not followed proper procedure to reserve the space, may have future privileges revoked.

Please identify the piano by room number and leave detailed requests in a voicemail message for the piano tuner (773) 325.4399 (ext. 54399 if calling from DePaul phone). Any further questions or concerns may be directed to the Facilities Coordinator.
Lockers are rented to School of Music students on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit the Facilities Coordinator’s office in person with a valid DePaul ID to reserve a locker. There is no rental fee for reserving a locker.
Any instruments owned by the School of Music, (examples include piccolos and alto flutes, English horns, doubling clarinets, contrabassoons, baroque bows, and various other brass and string instruments, etc.) might only be used by students who are currently enrolled in the School of Music at the time of their use. Priority is given to students who may need an instrument for a School of Music ensemble. To sign out an instrument, please see the Facilities Coordinator.

Alumni may be granted very occasional special permission to use an instrument for an audition or on-campus special event.  This permission must be obtained from both the studio instructor and the performance chair.  Special requests should be made in writing, and addressed to the Facilities Coordinator, who will contact the appropriate faculty member for further discussion. Permission will not be granted to alumni or area musicians for use in a local job or “gig” of any kind.