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For Students

Our scheduling system is called ASIMUT and can be accessed here.  You will need to log into the system using your Campus Connect credentials.  Once logged in you will be able to book practice space.  More detailed instructions of how to do this can be found here.  A few things to note about booking practice rooms:

• All practice rooms must be reserved in ASIMUT prior to use.

• Practice room reservations cannot exceed 4 hours.

• You have a 16-hour rolling quota.  This means you can only have 16 hours booked at once.  Once a reservation passes, those hours will be returned to you.

• If your plans change and you no longer need your reservation, please be courteous and cancel your bookings so others may utilize the space.

• Practice rooms are for DePaul SOM students and faculty only – you cannot use these rooms for lessons outside of DePaul, including lessons held over Zoom.

• Certain groups of students may have access to different rooms (e.g., a percussionist has access to the percussion practice rooms).  If you believe your ASIMUT or swipe access is not accurate, please contact  

For all other space requests (i.e., recital halls, chamber rooms, classrooms, etc.), please use the HPC Space Request Form. Please allow 2 business days for us to get to your request.  Do your best to plan ahead, but we understand last minute needs come up. If you are needing a space with less than 2 business days’ notice, visit office C139 during regular business hours.

Note: Recital halls, rehearsal rooms, and classrooms in the HPC must be booked officially through the HPC Space Request Form. Students using a space without a confirmed booking through the Facilities Office may have their space-booking privileges taken away.

To request a locker, use our Locker Request Form. Second lockers will be granted to those who request based on availability.

If you are needing an auxiliary instrument, utilize our DePaul SOM Instrument Request Form. Please allow 2 business days for us to get to your request, if you are needing an instrument sooner, please come to C139 during regular business hours.

Priority will be given in the following order:

1. Large Ensembles

2. Chamber/Combo Rehearsals

3. Class/Studio Use

4. Personal use

Faculty approval is required for all auxiliary instrument use. Large ensemble and chamber/combo placements serve as approval. Documentation will be needed for class, studio, and personal use. You can either upload a screenshot of an email expressing approval for your use when you submit your request or have them email the Facilities Coordinator directly.

Alumni may be granted use of an auxiliary instrument for an audition or on-campus special event.  This is rare, and permission must be obtained from both the studio instructor and the Performance Chair.  These requests should be sent directly to the Facilities Coordinator, who will contact the appropriate faculty and staff members.  Permission will not be granted to alumni or area musicians for use in a local job or gig of any kind.

Please report any damage or repair needs of school-owned instruments to the Facilities Office.