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Key Access

The performance spaces and a few other rooms in the Holtschneider Performance Center (HPC) remain locked at all times and require students and faculty to sign out a key from a lock box to gain access.  Anyone with a performance space reservation will be added to the access list to their respective hall.  All others with special access will receive email confirmation. 

The lock box is labeled HPC Student/Faculty Lockbox and is located in the Facilities Hallway of the HPC – directly across from Allen Recital Hall, next to the 1st-floor lobby restrooms.  Follow these instructions to retrieve the appropriate key:

  1. ​Touch anywhere on the screen to wake the lockbox from sleep mode.
  2. When prompted to enter a pin, type in your student ID# and select the green arrow in the bottom right corner.
  3. You will then be prompted to choose your own pin and re-enter it to verify.  Make sure you remember this pin for future access. If you forget your pin, email Julia Miller to have your account reset.
  4. The door will open, and the key fob(s) you are permitted access to will glow green.  Each key has a blue tag on it to identify which room it goes to.
  5. Select the key you wish to remove from the touchscreen – this will unlock the key, and you can now remove it.
  6. You can now use the key to access the space you have booked.
  7. Be sure to lock up afterward and return the key to the lockbox.

Key access policies:
  • ​Keys are only to be accessed during your reserved time.
  • Do not give your lock box pin out – you will be held responsible for anything that takes place in a space while you have a key signed out.
  • If you misplace or lose a key, immediately report this to Julia Miller.
  • Any violations of these policies may result in loss of access.