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Petition to Major

For students admitted to the School of Music prior to Fall 2018

Intended Majors: Undergraduates are admitted to the School of Music as intended majors; they are not yet accepted to their program of choice until the petition to major process is complete.  Students are encouraged to enroll in the appropriate introductory course for their specialization prior to their petition, e.g., Introduction to Sound Recording Technology, Introduction to Composition, Introduction to Music Education, and Introduction to Acting for Singers, and Introduction to Music Business.

Application and admission to a specialization may begin as early as the spring of freshman year, but no later than the end of the sophomore year. 

Transfer students should complete the petition process as early as possible, in order to enter the specialization courses. 

It is the expectation that students are making meaningful progress in the musicianship core when petitioning to major. Students will be blocked from enrolling in most specialization courses until their petition to major has been accepted.

The petition to major application process differs within each specialization:
  • Performance: an application, audition, and recommendation form
  • Composition: an application, composition portfolio, and recommendation form
  • Music Education: an application, essay, and recommendation forms
  • Jazz Studies: an application, interview, and recommendation form
  • Performing Arts Management: an application, interview, and recommendation form
  • Sound Recording Technology: an application, interview, and recommendation form
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music: an application, essay, and recommendation form
Once the application is complete, the student is expected to turn in all forms within the application to the appropriate department chair or area coordinator.

Upon faculty review, applicants may be a) accepted, b) denied, c) deferred, or d) accepted provisionally. If a student is not accepted, s/he is allowed to re-petition once in the quarter immediately following the initial application. If accepted provisionally, the student must complete the necessary requirements prior to full acceptance into a program. If a student is not accepted into any major, s/he will be advised towards academic options outside of the School of Music. Enrolling in courses in a particular specialization does not guarantee acceptance into a specialization.