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Restaurant Partnership Form

School of Music

Holtschneider Performance Center - Restaurant Partnership Program

Participation Agreement & Listing Information

The Holtschneider Performance Center invites neighboring restaurants to join this program and offer discounts to its growing audience base.  The Holtschneider Performance Center hosts and presents hundreds of concerts annually and welcomes thousands of patrons through its doors. Join this new program and reach an expanding base of customers.

Restaurants Receive

  • Listing on the DePaul University School of Music website
  • Exposure to an increasing audience base through multi-channel promotions
    • Hundreds of concerts presented and hosted with thousands of tickets sold annually to patrons in Lincoln Park and beyond
    • Over 500 School of Music faculty, staff and students regularly attending concerts throughout the academic year
  • 2 tickets to a select performance in the Holtschneider Performance Center at the DePaul University School of Music

Restaurants Provide:

  • Discount to all Holtschneider Performance Center ticket holders
  • Mutually agreed upon reciprocal cross promotion of partnership to the restaurant's customer base 

Restaurant Guidelines

  1. All restaurants must offer a discounted product to Holtschneider Performance Center tickets holders over and above what is normally offered to the general public.
  2. Participating restaurants must notify the DePaul University School of Music immediately regarding any changes to their discount offerings just as the DePaul University School of Music will notify participating restaurants on any of their own changes in program or promotion. 
  3. Discounts cannot be offered on products or services such as academic programs/services, cigarettes or other tobacco products, gambling, pharmaceuticals, energy services, mortgages, real estate, medical products/services, health/nutritional supplements, sexual products/services, adult entertainment or firearms. Additionally, credit cards marketed to students or student loan products are not allowed. 
  4. Participating in the program does not constitute or create a contract or an agent relationship between the restaurant and DePaul University     School of Music or the Holtschneider Performance Center; participation is separate and distinct from the provision of any services through a restaurant contract with the School of Music, Holtschneider Performance Center or DePaul University.

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