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Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce is an in-house information bulletin for the faculty, staff and students of the School of Music. Faculty and staff are asked to submit items for inclusion in writing to the Office of the Dean, or by e-mail to with a copy to  Students are asked to submit items to a professor, who will forward the material to the dean.

Sotto Voce June 2, 2014
Sotto Voce May 27, 2014
Sotto Voce May 19, 2014
Sotto Voce May 12, 2014

Sound Investment

Sound Investment is a report of the School of Music, produced annually.

Sound Investment 2012
Sound Investment 2011
Sound Investment 2010
Sound Investment 2009

Con Brio

Con Brio is the Journal of the School of Music.

Con Brio Spring 2013
Con Brio Spring 2012
Con Brio Spring 2011
Con Brio Spring 2010
Con Brio Fall 2009
Con Brio Winter 2009
Con Brio Spring 2008

To receive paper copies of either Sound Investment or Con Brio, please email or call 773-325-7260.