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High School Junior Auditions

Viola Player

The DePaul University School of Music is now offering high school junior upright bass and viola players an opportunity to audition for conditional acceptance and as much as a 50% scholarship.

Please contact the Admissions Office​ to schedule your date and time.

Audition times TBD

You will receive notification within two months after your audition about the potential offer of a performance award scholarship. 

Please note the following:

  • Any School of Music admission offer and/or scholarship award is contingent upon being accepted into DePaul University. High school juniors who audition in February of 2020 must then apply to the university through the Common Application in the fall of their senior year. Only after being accepted to DePaul will scholarship offers become valid. 
  • Scholarships to high school juniors are not binding on those who accept the scholarship until May 1 of the year of matriculation. 
  • A high school junior who auditions in February 2020 and is offered a performance scholarship and is then accepted to DePaul University in the fall/winter of 2020, may choose to audition a second time in February 2021 to be considered for an increase in their scholarship award. 
  • A high school junior who auditions in February 2020 and is not accepted to the School of Music, is welcome to audition again in February of their senior year without any adverse consequence. 
  • Please email the admissions office with any further questions about this opportunity. ​​