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Lily Floeter

Undergraduate, Flute Performance

What is your musical background, and how did it prepare you for your current studies?
I had a very diverse musical background all throughout grade school and high school. I started Suzuki piano at the age of 3, and at age 10 traded my piano lessons for flute lessons when my schools band program started. Along with taking private lessons, I was involved in musicals, both in the pit and on stage, jazz choir, swing choir and even some plays.

My father, who studied at DePaul, was the biggest influence on my decision to pursue music as a career. He is a freelance bassist in the Chicagoland area and has been living proof that it is possible not only to do music a career, but to be successful. He has guided me through the ins and outs, and the dos and don'ts of the field.

What were your criteria in choosing a college?
I was always very certain that I would get a degree in music. I had been surrounded by music since the day I was born and was always heavily involved in every musical activity ever offered to me. Playing flute, piano and singing came very naturally to me. I can't see myself being as successful or happy in a non-music related career.

I only considered music schools within universities because I did not want to confine myself in a location of intense focus solely on music. I didn't want the possibility of being surrounded by people who would only talk about music. I hoped by doing this I would become a more well-rounded person and realize that there is life outside of music.

I wanted to attend a school where I would be challenged musically and intellectually. I wanted to study with a teacher who had a broad spectrum of musical experience and excellent credentials.

How do you feel about the School of Music?
I am happy that I came to DePaul because I learned a lot about how to be professional and how to be assertive when I need to be. I am very impressed by my instructors and classmates. I am very lucky to work alongside so many talented people who push me to be a stronger musician every day.

I love that the School of Music is its own community. You become really close with your colleagues because you spend a lot of time in class and ensembles together. I have made lifelong friendships with the people I have met here, and it doesn't hurt to have a bunch of friends who are musicians in case a playing opportunity arises.

How do you feel about studying at DePaul and in Chicago?
At DePaul, I have learned how to better communicate with people who study things other than music and have a general understanding of our society's main concerns.

Chicago is one of the best places to study music. Right away you are surrounded by some of the greatest ensembles in the world and some of the finest musicians in the world. Chicago is not only home to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, but there are so many different musical genres playing in your ears around every corner. By attending school in the city, it has also been easier for me to network with people who perform with big-name ensembles.

Any last thoughts?
DePaul has taught me that you have to put as much time into being a professional as you do into being a good musician. I am optimistic about the future. I know it won't be easy to get a job right away, but I feel that I couldn't have had a better experience for my field studying anywhere else.