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DePaul Preludes

In honor of the School of Music's Centennial Celebration during the 2012-2013 school year, Dean Donald Casey commissioned DePaul faculty composers and invited members of the DePaul community alumni, other faculty, and staff to compose a prelude for piano.  The DePaul Preludes are works for solo piano of between one and three minutes in length that begin and conclude with a sounding "D". Below are the composers who submitted a prelude for this project and their preludes (PDF). Those marked with an asterisk are the commissioned DePaul faculty.

Natasha Bogojevich* DeP-Auld Lang Sine
Joe Clark     Variation
Brendan Henry    Blue
Greg Hutter*          Ricercare in D
Jeffrey Kowalkowski* DePaul Prelude
Chris Lemons* Man Overboard
Don J. Luksetich  Prelude to a Simple Way of Life
Thomas Miller*  Prelude DePaul  "les couleurs de la cascade"
Seung-Ah Oh* DePaul Prelude
Tom Stevens        Prelude No. 1
Alice Sylvester Prelude in D
Mary Sylvester Prelude in D
Kurt Westerberg*     Prelude