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Auditions: Undergraduate - Trombone

Trombonists may choose to perform either a classical or jazz audition. Applicants who wish to schedule both may do so.

Successful applicants will be assigned to the applied studios within the category (classical or jazz) for which they have auditioned. If an applicant wishes to study in both the jazz and classical studios they must participate in both a classical and jazz audition. Students may choose to audition on either tenor or bass trombone. Euphonium students must audition on (slide) trombone.

Please see the audition requirements below.

  • Classical
  • Jazz Trombone


Prepare two contrasting movements from the standard solo repertoire, scales and sight-reading. ​

Jazz Trombone

  • Prepare one short Bordogni / Rochut etude of yourchoosing (this will be a lyrical selection)
  • Prepare one short etude such as Arban, Mantia, Kopprasch, etc. (to serve as a technical selection)
  • Prepare Billie's Bounce from the Charlie Parker Aebersold CD (play the head, improvise for several choruses, etc)
  • Be prepared for sightreading of portions of several big band charts
  • Be prepared for sightreading and improvisation on a jazz standard from an Aebersold CD