Application Process: Post-Masters Certificate Students

As a prospective post-masters certificate student, you must complete the following steps to apply to DePaul School of Music:

Apply to DePaul by December 1

A complete post-masters certificate student application to DePaul School of Music includes your official undergraduate transcripts, official graduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation [Graduate Student Recommendation Form (PDF)], and a live entrance audition. DePaul School of Music does not require the GRE or any other standardized test for graduate admission. Email materials to, or mail materials to:
DePaul University School of Music
Music Admissions Office
804 West Belden Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

Your online application is due by December 1. Once your application to DePaul has been received, you will receive a confirmation letter stating that your application has arrived at our office. International students have additional requirements; please click here for details.

Pianists, vocalists and violinists: In addition to your online application, you must submit a pre-audition screening recording by December 1.
Piano Pre-Audition Screening Requirements
Voice Pre-Audition Screening Requirements
Violin Pre-Audition Screening Requirements

After you submit your online application, you may upload your pre-audition recording to our website. All recordings received after December 1 will only be considered based on the availability of audition times.

Upon passing the pre-audition screening, you will receive a letter no later than December 20 inviting you to schedule your on-campus audition using your Campus Connection username and password.

All Other Instruments: After submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation letter inviting you to schedule your on-campus audition using your Campus Connection username and password.

Schedule your audition

Live, on campus auditions are required of all certificate applicants, and usually take place on weekends in February. Recorded auditions are acceptable only for students currently residing outside of the continental United States. These students should see the International Application Process page  for instructions on electronically submitting recorded auditions. DePaul does not offer regional or teleconference auditions.

Audition results are reviewed and all decisions about acceptance are made in late March. Students are informed of the results by April 1st.

Response to an acceptance is required no later than May 1st.